That day of the year!

Its again that day of the year when me and Simba get to say Happy Anniversary to each other and smile at each other thinking how did I get so lucky!

Except that – it never happens!

The first year, we were love struck and hence, celebrated by visiting a nearby resort for the extended weekend!

The second year, well, he forgot the date because he was too tied up with work and since it wasn’t too practical to go out for a weekend, we went for a nice dinner!

The third year, we resolved that we’ll have dinner together every year this day. Because it is manageable and we can click a picture in the same pose every year and then when we turn 80, its going to be a joy to watch those pics after so many years and tell our children and grandchildren that we never miss anniversary dinner date so no party for you. Boo!

This year – I forgot it was our anniversary! And when he wished me, I acted really well that I was also about to wish him, which he called out very smartly saying my eyes were bulging out and he knew I was lying! Gah!

I am just thinking whatever happened to those daydreams I foresaw millions of years ago? In my daydreams, we were planning surprises for each other, clicking pictures and celebrating the day with pomp! I think I just need to blame the Karan Johars of the world because do I know anybody who has done the exact same thing on exact same day every year without fail? Do I know anybody who has not forgotten the day even once? Do I know any couple completely perfect in the filmy / perfectly written romance-lit way? NO.

And a little voice in my brain asks me Do I want to know someone like that? Hell, no! That would make this rantpost seem completely stupid, noh? 

So far, I have spent the celebratory day by waiting for 2 hours for Happy to wake up because it seems he wanted to sleep-in late today and I wanted him to wake up and babble those beautiful words which I can’t seem to understand most of the time. Poor thing has to exasperatedly wave his hands here and there and point to things to make me understand that when he says eipan,  he means his elephant and when he says indi  alongwith trying to push his index finger nail inside me with gritted teeth, he is giving me an injection and I am supposed to shout “owww”!! The best is when he, in all earnestness and with a serious face, comes and gives a wet little kiss, and then waits for me to smile! And the returning smile is pure bliss! I could forget I want an iPad for a few minutes! 😉

I also had a lazy bath, a nice breakfast (courtesy mum in law) and just when I thought I’d have to leave for office without meeting Happy, he woke up with brilliant twinkle and called out mummmyyyy, dudhu! hahaha.. The best gift I could have ever had! 😛

And finally, my husband messaged me after his breakfast meeting asking to book a room in the nearby resort for this weekend. We’re going to relax and enjoy!!! I love being me because I am so damn lucky! ❤

You might think what was the point of this post. To which I’ll say – its pointless! 😛 hehahaha.. I just shitwitted you with boring (to you) details! *evil grin*


Cricket, hopes and downfalls?

I remember the World Cup of 2003. I was a crazy Indian team fan then. I had a lucky shorts & tee combination which I wore everytime India played. The way we crushed all other teams (barring Aus of course), I was hopeful we will continue the same in Final.

But they broke my heart! It was a nightmare. That final. And I remember crying silently on my pillow that night. My first heart-break was not a relationship. It was 2003 world cup final.

Then came 2007. I will refrain from commenting anything because we all know how we were humiliated against Bangladesh. *shudder*

2011 – Hmm.. It was Sachin’s last world cup and in India. I remember all the matches like the back of my hand! The euphoria of that win! The screams! And those midnight firecrackers! But that was expected because the matches were played in India.

Now comes 2015. The crazy fan in me has sobered. I think practically. Rationally. My expectations have completely altered.

I think Pakistan will crush us. We win. Relief

What if we lose against SA? We win. Relief

I think Gayle will murder us. We win. Relief

I think Bangladesh will repeat 2007. We win. Relief

None of the matches were close calls. We won. Safely.

Now comes Australia. The sledging team. The team against which India is known to stumble. We are just too scared of them. I joke in office that we’re going to lose. I prepare myself. Of course, we can’t win against Australia in Australia. I think I know we’re going to lose and it won’t affect me. I think I am practical and rational.

I am delusional. Yes, that’s exactly what I am.

Because here I am biting my nails and silently crying on my desk because we are chasing 329 and Dhawan, Kohli, Rohit and Raina – all of them broke my heart – again! Nostalgia is a bitch. It is reminding me of 2003 again and again. And here we are, tumbling one after the other back to the dressing room!

Dear God. I thought you were fair. I thought I prayed after 2003 to make me immune to India losing matches. I thought we agreed you’ll do that. 😦

Dear Dhoni. I thought you are leading us. And if I keep hoping for the opposite, you’ll again and again prove yourself just to stubbornly show that you can win matches for India. 😦

Dear RIG. Just stop blabbering and get back to work. 😦

8 reasons why following Thought Catalog / Quartz is not such a great idea.

  1. They post 1000000000000000 posts a day which makes makes your news feed a tad too crowded for your taste.
  2. Of the above 1000000 are list posts which are on totally random topics you don’t even want to care about
  3. Of the total posts they post, only 2-3 a week are what you’d be interested in
  4. Did I mention they crowd your news feed?
  5. You are always worried you missed posts of your favorite bloggers and have to visit each of them individually and then, you end up reading your favorite posts on their blog. Again. Not that it doesn’t interest me, but that it is very stalker-ish.
  6. While you try not to worry too much about missing posts, you actually miss one. Duh!
  7. They have totally amazing pictures for their post which make you feel intrigued, but it turns out you are not interested in 25 ways to mend a broken heart or tall people on why being tall is no big deal or what it will cost you if you become a US ambassador. (Ok, I was interested in today’s post “why having a chocolate croissant everyday is a good diet plan! Om nom nom!! Yumm!!)
  8. Oh yeah. They crowd your news feed.

So sorry thought catalog and quartz. I am unfollowing you. No offense.

Sometimes, I want a fairytale ending!!!


Yes, well so much for believing in no happy endings and happily every afters and fairytale like stories! So I read Princess Diaries. All 10 of them!! In 3 days. By sacrificing my night sleep. And I don’t regret it! I loved the happy ending! And now I am eager for the last part “Royal Wedding” that comes in June.

I love Mia and Michael’s pair. And even Lilly though she was a bit too judgmental for my taste. The plot of the books is pretty different from the one in movies. And now I can say, the movies suck! They let Michael be lost into oblivion just after the first part! And there is so much more to Michael than shown in the movie.

The movie was all about her being a Princess and abundant wealth and palaces but the books were much more than that! I mean I did love that amazing wardrobe room of Princess Mia they showed in Part II of the movies and I was hyperventilating with pure jealousy when she opened the shoe drawers with a remote control and then those tiaras! *swoon* But hey, even a Princess has much more to do than just roam around in a closet full of amazing clothes, shoes and accessories right? Just like any other person!

Oh I loved the books. Too much. But I am supposed to be an independent woman who does not believe in fairy tales. But I so want to!!! Do you know what I mean?

This may be an after-effect of reading the book which may worn out in a couple of days but I still wanted to let it be known that I am a fairy-tale girl!! ❤

Brace yourselves, bad girls..

Please God. Please tell me that my sense of sarcasm has taken a dip down the Holy Ganges and that this was intended as a joke!

(By the way, EC No 69 – lol. This must be a joke)

Can you guys view the image because it is really hilarious!!

Bucket list

I have wanted to do a bucket list post for a long time now. The thing is I have lazy fingers and dreamy soul. The moment I write #1 in my bucket list, the soul starts wandering away, thinking of all the things in #1 and there goes my time… Phew. I hope I succeed this time.

Fun fact you might not be interested in but I shall tell you anyhow – The term bucket list comes from another term “kick the bucket” which refers to dying. If you thought it originates from Jack Nicholson/Morgan Freeman – hawww! You got it wrong. It is said to have originated in the middle ages where if a person was executed, he/she was made to stand on an overturned bucket with a noose around their neck. And when the bucket was kicked, the person died. So this term originates from something horrifying!

My bucket list (subject to change without prior notice – the CA in me loves caveats 😀 )

1. Disneyland (see my mind has started wandering again and my fingers are itching to google images.. uff!)

2. African safari – I love giraffes!

3. Have a library in my home which overlooks our garden with criss-cross shelves, all my favorite books and a beautiful cozy white couch! (Its a bit too much to ask for, I know!)

4. Own a cafe, design it, create recipes and celebrate food!

5. Learn knitting. My mum used to knit like a pro. And I always had the best collection of sweaters. Now she can’t knit that fast because arthritis ruined everything, but I wish I could knit something for Happy someday, even if it is just a sock.

6. Learn driving a motorcycle and go for a road-trip with Simba!

7. A road trip with no fixed destination. Just wake up someday and leave for a few days. I want to do some instinctive trip!

8. Go for Mansarovar yatra.

9. Wardrobe makeover for Simba. I wish I could just dump all his clothes and get him everything new. Not that he doesn’t dress well, but with his personality, he could carry off so much more!

10. Make a snow-man. That looks perfect!

11. Meet Sachin Tendulkar and tell him that no matter the critics – I love you!!

12. Live in a picturesque Italian village for few months. Or years maybe. And grow veggies and fruits and cook!

13. Learn at least 3 more languages.

14. Have all white hair when I grow old and then – learn ball dancing with Simba. 😛

15. Watch the Republic Day parade – live.

Mmm.. I think have covered most of it. If not, I shall return with Part II 😀

Do you guys have a bucket list?

Marry a guy who…..

Did you think there are no rules when selecting your husband? That you need to ensure he is a good person and you agree on basic principles? That if he gives you enough independence and enough love to bind the relationship, it is enough?

Well.. You are wrong!



Facebook just told me I did it all wrong! Simba doesn’t remain awake to look at me smiling in my dreams (so what if I don’t smile in dreams and just lie with my face half buried in my pillow with mouth so open that mosquitos can have a fly-through?!) He doesn’t know how I sip my coffee! I don’t think he ever told me he loves to hear my heartbeats! Though, once he did tell me my stomach grumbles like a drilling machine, but I don’t think that was a compliment! I had a bad stomach that night!

Ok, enough of banter! Quite frankly, I am very appalled by our expectations from spouses! Both husbands and wives! We need to know that romance is not the only thing in marriage and someone who doesn’t want to blink his eyes because he will miss a moment of looking at you is not romantic, it is clingy and obsessive! Remember k-k-k-k-k-kiran? For a change, Bollywood got that idea long back and he turned out to be a villian, didn’t he?

Why can’t we have expectations that are reasonable? Like someone who loves you, not everything about you, but still accepts you the way you are because that’s who you are! Is that bad? He may hate it when you wrinkle your nose but that’s ok because he is not supposed to fall in love with every quirk of yours, nor is he supposed to notice how you blink eyes or how you sneeze or how you poop! sheesh, that’s so obsessive!

A man who thinks every moment spent with you is priceless does not exist. Just as such a woman doesn’t exist. He may select a boys outing over you or his favorite match over you and it is okay. Just as you may select a coffee date with girls or your favorite match over him! (Yes, you can have your favorite match! World cup is coming up, I had to say this)

What I mean to say is “tu saamne baithi rahe, mein tujhe dekha karu” is not possible folks. Neither is it viable. Nor is it healthy. For a minute – may be. Forever seems to be a wee bit psychopathic. 😛 Think about it.

Happy Anniversary Popeye and Olive!!!

So today happens to be the “Happy Anniversary” of my first cousin, Popeye 😀

If you don’t know him, may be you should read this. But in short, he is the one I grew up with and grew up adoring!!!

Olive is yet another cartoon in my life! (Quite literally coz she is same as Olive!) We go a long way together, much before she and Popeye were in a relationship! Shopping, idling around, shopping, panipuri contests, shopping, chatting, shopping and harassing Popeye to his wits ends!!!

So I can very easily say that I’ve loved her more than Popeye has 😛

Some crazy-ness we have brought about together:

Once Popeye was watching something boring on TV like news. On a holiday. On an afternoon. Without giving any attention to the beautiful ladies before him. And after several requests, when he denied to switch it off and play cards with us saying he was mard or something silly like that, we gave the mard a moustache and a french beard to boast about – with a pink pen, ball pen 😀 The aftermath of our revenge was that he couldn’t wash it off, scrub it off, anything and had to go to office with visible pink on his face!!! 😈

Olive is a bargain queen! Once we were shopping for navratri and I really loved loved loved and loved a pink choli! And after 3 hours of shopping, we were left with only 300 between us. The choli was 500. And since it was a week before the Navratri, chances were less that the shopkeeper would bargain. And here she goes “please bhaiya. Give this choli for 300. Mummy gave only so much Rupees. We love it. We will bless you if she gets a good boyfriend by looking beautiful in your choli! Please please blah blah” The fellow was so embarrassed, he packed the choli, took 300 and shooed us out!!! XD

God I miss her! And Popeye! And having all my gang together. It is so much fun! We are a gang of 8 and we used to roam in the city in Popeye’s poor Maruti Alto (God bless its soul. It is still alive, though old now and cannot carry all of us together!). Sometimes even 10. Go for go karting, hogging, garba, ainvayi roaming around and having the time of our lives!!

Talking about driving in Alto, I remember one more incident. We were roaming around in the car once – Simba and Popeye in the front, 4 of us on the backseat and Olive and Hobbes (my sister) in the car trunk with its door open overhead!!! We were passing through a narrow lane when few dogs saw the weird people and started barking and running after the car!! All of us inside the car were laughing madly and Olive and Hobbes were shouting, screaming, pleading, praying, crying and yelling! The dogs chased after us for about a kilometer and the girls behind were literally howling by the end of it! Imagine sitting in the open trunk with legs dangling out of the car and angry dogs barking and running after you! Sometimes I feel guilty for laughing instead of being shit-scared but then I remember the day and end up laughing again!!! 😂

Sometimes I wish I could go back to those days. Sigh!

Anyways, cheers to one of the most beautiful couples I know!

A sister is little bit of childhood that can’t be lost!

I can’t believe I have blogged for better part of a year and haven’t mentioned Hobbes yet! (I call her Hobbes because I love to believe that I am the smarter one! 😉 )

I’ve realised one thing – Distance does make the hearts grow fonder. Or may be, this is just one of the moments when melancholy rushes over you when you think of her going away to another country pretty soon.

She’s been planning her MS for over a year now but now that the tests are done and acceptance letters have started coming in, the hazy picture of hers in a foreign place has started getting clearer. And proud though I may be, I feel lost at the same time.

My little sister is going away. A place where I cannot pull her hair or make silly faces or wear her new shoes before she can! A place where she cannot cuddle Happy when she wants or see him doing silly things that sends her to mad hysterical laughs!

Something I have never ever told anyone and sure as hell, I am never going to tell her is – she is the better version of me. More loving, more caring, more forgiving, confident, sexy and fun! Its like she has the best mix of qualities from our parents!

And she’s the only one before whom I am totally myself! Not even Simba! She has seen me fight unfair, be overcome with jealousy, distraught over exam-fever! She has seen me wear horrendous clothes (remember the cringe-worthy clothing of 90s?)!! And she’s still loved me. Always.

Here are few lines I dedicate to her (I’ve copied this from her various poems she gave to me 😛 Yes, I am as un-creative as they can get)

You are a part of me, and will never leave my heart, All the times we have shared, though we never really cared! Its funny how we argue at times, I guess its normal to show, But having you as a sister means more to me than you’ll ever know!

Fights and words, thoughts that been heard, my sister, you’ll always be a representation of myself and I know you got my back just as I got yours without anything to lack! Its sibling love ❤ ❤ ❤

Wish you the best of everything, forever. You are a soul to my life and I’ll always be grateful I got you! ❤

Ho ho ho!!!

Being educated in a Convent school gives you a nostalgic feeling in Christmas! The excitement of decorations, the group discussions on how to enact the Christmas story, the Secret Santa gifts, the carols, chocolates, freshly baked cakes and the general festive mood! Oooh.. That is what defines Christmas for me!

And to top it, your birthday arrives just after Christmas!

And then, your husband books a wonderful trip for your birthday!

Could it get any better guys? ❤ ❤ ❤

I know I have been talking about this December trip to lot many of you and here it is. Just 2 more days to go!!! And we’ll be off!

Oh! How I love holidays! The long train journey, the unhealthy but delicious train cutlets, the first look at your selected hotel/resort out of photographs, the views, the roaming around hand in hand with Simba, the laughter, the moments, the joys….. I can’t have enough of it!

So the bags are packed, the munching snacks bought, the camera charged, iPod loaded, new hair-cut done, tickets printed! All I need to do now is to go and sit in the train to begin my holiday officially!

As the 2014 comes to an end, I’d like to thank all of you, every single one of you who follow, read and comment on my posts. I love you all. And I wish all of you a very merry Christmas! And wish you have a blast at the year end and also begin the 2015 with new hopes and aspirations! May Santa gift you peace and joy!

And to the ones who write brilliant posts and keep me stuck to my screen – YOU people are responsible for my spectacles! Not my reading habits nor my over-enthusiasm to get specs since the last 10 years 😛 😉 Yeah…. Finally I succeeded in getting spectacles. I love them!!! Haha.. So thank you all. Keep writing! Wish you luck!

Hey, I needed to tell you this too: Since Simba has taken up photography as a hobby, we both wish to do some posts on travel in the following week to check out whether we are able to blog as wonderfully as TraBlogger does or as Anoop had done last month! Also, would be posting from my new twitter handle. Wish us luck and do let me know how you like it! I just hope the internet at the resort works well to support our new mission!

Ciao amigos! See you in 2015! ❤