Waves of nostalgia!


I know these are not spectacular toys or they don’t even look close to the attractive toys kids have these days but hey, they have a lot of wonderful memories! I must say I am a bit too emotional of my childhood and a bit too possessive of my things and I can’t handle if somebody touch my things. Here’s proof.

And especially after I got married, I get all mopey if my things, which I left in safe custody of my mom are touched or paraded around. They are left with her with a strict warning to never open them or touch them or let anyone near them.

And yet, my mom chose to thrust this picture to me on a day when I think I’m already a bit mopey. Maybe its just PMS. But I got super affected having watched this WhatsApp message in the middle of a meeting! And a video of my sister playing with it just to drive me up the wall. Grrr

My sister is touching my things. She knows how I get. I’m going to kill her. Next week though, because I’m going to visit mom then. I’ll have to devise some clever plan to get back! *evil mind at work*

And also, I will have to keep my relics out of reach of little monster called Happy who loves to destroy things with a (plastic) Bheem’s gada (mace)  that is among his favorite things!!

God help me!


The fateful night of Ouija Board

Someone in my friends just sent me a link of horrifying stories of supernatural experiences! And I was transported to another night that now seems ages ago!

To those who don’t know what an Ouija Board is (because I did not know it is called that), it is this:



For those who still don’t know what it is, what can I tell you other than: you have had the most innocent (read: inexperienced / living in a well?) childhood ever! I mean who in their school days has not tried doing something with this?

Sorry. It is a board which you use to call spirits. Most (all) of us don’t have such professional looking boards (is it even a profession?!) and it is generally the last page of your school notebook with scribbled alphabets, numbers, yes, no and goodbye on it. And we also used to draw a circle in the middle of the page, which was used to put a coin or even better, the school group badge 😛

Then, we used to light a candle and place it near the page. Put all our fingers on the little coin and will some spirit to come!

Our first try was a total flop. Since, we were trying for the first time, we thought why not call someone nice, like Mahatma Gandhi! But, the Father of our nation is a busy guy even in death and did not grace us with his presence!

We also tried calling other good people like Mother Teresa and Bhagat Singh (we were obsessed with freedom fighters) but all in vain. I remember a heavy discussion into whether we can call Hitler (after all, we’re not jews and he was using our Swastika) but we later concluded that he might not understand Indian English, or might be too far away (May be only Indian spirits responded?)

Then one night (It was the night before our Social Studies exam in pre-boards in school. Obviously, we were pretty damn jobless and free) we thought enough with calling souls we want. Lets also put a picture of God nearby, open the windows, switch off the lights (may be the spirits were afraid of lights like we were afraid of dark?) and let any random ‘good’ spirit come. We were at a friend’s place (Lets call her K) and she arranged the things in the living room, ensured all her family were fast asleep.

At midnight, we thought its the right time. So we switched off the lights and started the act. All eyes closed, fingers on the coin, all of us willing a ‘good’ spirit to come talk to us.

Suddenly, the coin vibrates. *eyes open and excitement*

We ask the soul its name. And it replies “P-O-P-A-T”.

(Please don’t laugh guys – Popat is a very common name of oldies in Gujarat! And one Popatbhai had expired in K’s locality just a few days back!!!)

Next question. Do you miss living? (See, we were very considerate). Reply comes “N-O” (He was keeping very ill)

Next question. Do you know any of us? Reply “A-L-L”

And the coin started vibrating violently for a minute. Then stopped. We were shit-scared.

Next question. Are you angry? “Y-E-S”

Damn it! K was livid. I told you its not a good idea. Popat uncle disliked my family. He always stared at me angrily.

And then, M could control no more. (Another friend). She started laughing violently. Turns out it was she who was playing the prank to scare K!!!!! 😀

Of course, we all (except K) turned smarter and told “Of course we knew it was you M. We could see you smiling that evil smile”!!

God! That was one scary experience till we knew it was a prank!!!

So, how about you guys? Share your stories. I know many of you must have tried it!!!


Happy Anniversary Popeye and Olive!!!

So today happens to be the “Happy Anniversary” of my first cousin, Popeye 😀

If you don’t know him, may be you should read this. But in short, he is the one I grew up with and grew up adoring!!!

Olive is yet another cartoon in my life! (Quite literally coz she is same as Olive!) We go a long way together, much before she and Popeye were in a relationship! Shopping, idling around, shopping, panipuri contests, shopping, chatting, shopping and harassing Popeye to his wits ends!!!

So I can very easily say that I’ve loved her more than Popeye has 😛

Some crazy-ness we have brought about together:

Once Popeye was watching something boring on TV like news. On a holiday. On an afternoon. Without giving any attention to the beautiful ladies before him. And after several requests, when he denied to switch it off and play cards with us saying he was mard or something silly like that, we gave the mard a moustache and a french beard to boast about – with a pink pen, ball pen 😀 The aftermath of our revenge was that he couldn’t wash it off, scrub it off, anything and had to go to office with visible pink on his face!!! 😈

Olive is a bargain queen! Once we were shopping for navratri and I really loved loved loved and loved a pink choli! And after 3 hours of shopping, we were left with only 300 between us. The choli was 500. And since it was a week before the Navratri, chances were less that the shopkeeper would bargain. And here she goes “please bhaiya. Give this choli for 300. Mummy gave only so much Rupees. We love it. We will bless you if she gets a good boyfriend by looking beautiful in your choli! Please please blah blah” The fellow was so embarrassed, he packed the choli, took 300 and shooed us out!!! XD

God I miss her! And Popeye! And having all my gang together. It is so much fun! We are a gang of 8 and we used to roam in the city in Popeye’s poor Maruti Alto (God bless its soul. It is still alive, though old now and cannot carry all of us together!). Sometimes even 10. Go for go karting, hogging, garba, ainvayi roaming around and having the time of our lives!!

Talking about driving in Alto, I remember one more incident. We were roaming around in the car once – Simba and Popeye in the front, 4 of us on the backseat and Olive and Hobbes (my sister) in the car trunk with its door open overhead!!! We were passing through a narrow lane when few dogs saw the weird people and started barking and running after the car!! All of us inside the car were laughing madly and Olive and Hobbes were shouting, screaming, pleading, praying, crying and yelling! The dogs chased after us for about a kilometer and the girls behind were literally howling by the end of it! Imagine sitting in the open trunk with legs dangling out of the car and angry dogs barking and running after you! Sometimes I feel guilty for laughing instead of being shit-scared but then I remember the day and end up laughing again!!! 😂

Sometimes I wish I could go back to those days. Sigh!

Anyways, cheers to one of the most beautiful couples I know!

Blast from the past – Snippets from my childhood!

So continuing with the “Blast from the Past” series, here is another one! Snippets from my childhood! Earlier, I wrote about the first few weeks of my relationship with Simba (now my husband) here.

Childhood is always a fascinating journey, especially after you’ve crossed over to adulthood, which, in most parts, suck! To me, my childhood seems like a dream that I would love to watch, live, relive every*single*day! Check for yourselves:

Cousin who tried to kill me: Believe me, he really did. I was mere 4 days old and was sleeping in my crib minding my own business when that toddler comes from the temple carrying a piece of coconut offered as prasad that day. And since he was taught that you should share your prasad and thus, blessings with everyone, he tried stuffing that thing in my mouth shouting “eat the prasad, eat prasad, open your mouth, you can’t say no to prasad”!!!!! Thankfully, my grandmom was in a room next to my room, came rushing and took my cousin with his blessings away!! Close call, it was!

Its my tricycle!: Being a first-born, I was quite pampered. For me, if something was mine, it was only mine, it was mine only, it must never appear to be in someone else’s possession, nobody should touch it without my permission and especially the cousin of mine who tried to kill me! So on my first birthday, I was gifted a bright red tricycle. It was mine. Remember the rules? And the day he came for vacations, he wanted a ride on my tricycle! I got the inkling of his evil intentions. And hence, that day, I never left the tricycle. I ate, played, peed, even slept in that tricycle the whole day! Poor fellow got a ride only after I was fast asleep at night and was carried to the bed!

Lets go to office!: This same cousin of mine (lets call him Popeye, because I love both Popeye and him!) and me, we go a long way! All our vacations were in each others company! And we were like a team, inseparable, despite all of the above! So this happened after I learnt to walk. Both of us were playing in the backyard, when grandpa called and told us he’ll meet us in the evening since he was going to office now! Evil minds at work immediately! We knew he caught an auto from an auto stand just outside our lane. So the master plan of sneaking out was hatched! Grandpa left. In sometime everyone got busy in their work. Mom started taking us in for a bath. Just then, the veggie-vendor came along and mom rushed outside! And we rushed towards the backyard. Opened the creaking gate and started stumbling out towards the auto lane. We didn’t have to cross the front door where mum must have been haggling over prices and hence, there we were, on the auto stand. First, he helped me in, then he climbed in and we both ordered him “opheesh”!  Thankfully, that guy was a regular one in our lane and knew the two monkeys well! So he drove us home!!

Visit to a shok-sabhaNow, I had a friend, as crazy as me, who lived just opposite to my home. Her grandmom and mine were gossip-buddies. And they tagged each other along whenever there was any shok-sabha (a social gathering after someone has passed away) in the neighbourhood. So, we knew that friends go to shok-sabha together, not that we had any inkling of what a shok-sabha is! So one fine evening, we carried our ghastly purses (mine was horror-green and almost twice my size which I used as a teacher-teacher prop!) and walked out of the permitted society-play-area. (Don’t doubt my sneaking-out abilities, I was born super-smart, needless to say growing-up ruined it!) We walked almost three lanes past ours and there was some construction site. (Now, we had heard almost hundred times from both our grannies that when they go to shok-sabha, they sit and talk) So we thought, what better place to sit and talk than a construction site with lots of sand to play with!! I won’t get into much details but our parents were worried sick, dads were called back, a search operation was done, and despite all that, we walked in like queens after our sitting and talking session of three hours!

The almond thieves: This time, I was visiting Popeye in vacation. And they lived in company township which had lots of trees and a particular backyard had several almond trees. The owner was a grumpy-grouchy old fellow who let the birds have the tempting fresh almonds. So we, along with his gang, planned to sneak in and pluck some for ourselves! The boys climbed up the trees and the girls stood below with our frocks pulled forward to catch the almonds that the boys threw from the trees! Unfortunately, around five such campaigns later, we were caught and shooed away with that grumpy old man running after us with a stick in his hand!

There are more!! I think I will need a part two for these snippets!! Meanwhile, I am all ears for some snippets from your awesome childhood 🙂

Blast from the past – The first few weeks!

So today husband, lets call him Simba from today because I love the name and because I love Simba! So Simba here, was clearing up his old phone and found some messages that he had backed up! From 2011..

The first messages that we had sent to each other!! How cute is that!!

And I was the initiator who talked first:

Hi, this is Regular Indian Girl here, from the conference! A friend of mine cleared his exams and wants a job in your company, do you know of any opening?

I know its lame to talk about a friends resume the first time you are sending a message to someone you think is very intriguing! So here it is – I got attracted to him because he was intriguing! And talked confidently! And asked intelligent questions and had a proper sense of grammar! Now I am not a grammar nazi but I understand basic differences like there and their, like these and this, like proper sentence structure! And I get a tad irritated by someone who speaks “I didn’t got my book today”. Anyways, I digress. So, Simba was intriguing! He used to come late, leave early, talk on phone with important people about tax and tax and …  umm tax. And talk only to his friends and … In short, there was something about Simba!

So this message was the initiator and then we talked about everything under the sun.. Cricket, food, drinks, favorites, holidays, growing up, family, likes, dislikes, etc etc.. And then, he asked me “What kind of guy would you marry?” And I quote my exact reply:

I have a few priorities- my parents, my sister.. He should understand that 2. I don’t like people who lie.. Transparency n truth are very important 3. Good person 4. Good sense of humour 5. Supportive, caring, etc 6. Should be able to take me shopping whenever I want to! Have anyone in mind?? 😉

Ya, I know.. I almost lost the deal by adding the last one! But then, I got lucky, really lucky!

And then, he got lucky.. I lost all interest in shopping because my family drained all interest I had during my wedding-shopping by dragging me to every store in our city, Simba’s city, Mumbai and hometown!

I also remember asking him what kind of girl would he marry, but he hasn’t saved outbox messages. I can’t quote him but I remember it was something like “she should consider both families as important, no lying business, humour, let me watch as much cricket as I want, a good person!”

So our lists matched, to an extent.. Except shopping, which matched itself eventually!

So thats it.. Our first meaningful conversation and how we came to be friends! I have earlier written about The Proposal! And, I plan on continuing “Blast from the past series” to include everything important in my life! So you’ll see a lot more of stupid ramblings, but I know I’ll love it if you love it too!!

Here are few pearls of wisdom I gave him during those first few weeks:

On his asking me whether I pray for a good husband: I don’t pray for a good husband.. He should pray if he wants me or he can go to hell!

On his asking me about my shopping every other day: I work to shop, you seem to have a problem with that??

On 13th Feb (he was asking me again and again whether I’ll be awake till late! *wink* I am not a watchman in my building! Why are you asking whether I’ll be awake again and again. I don’t sacrifice my sleep for anything!

On his sending me some random wisdom message: You are dodh-daya (overwise).

A general forward, I love this and hence, I’ll end here: As we grow up, we learn that even the person who wasn’t supposed to ever let you down, probably will… You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it’s harder everytime. Then, You will break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken… You will fight with your best friend, You will blame a new love for the things an old one did. You will cry because time is passing fast, and you will eventually loose someone you love. Nothing is permanent, NoOne is immortal. Only memories last forever. . . So click a lot of pictures,, laugh a lot,, and love like you’ve never been hurt because every 60 seconds you spend being upset, is a minute of happiness you’ll never get back. Don’t be afraid that your life will end; rather be afraid that it will never begin again:-)

Hope you guys had a good weekend! I had a nice one.. Hometown, lots of work and diwali shopping for happy!! 😀

Will you marry me?

Okay!! So I wanted to update my blog today and I asked WordPress for inspiration and here comes the quest!

“Write about your strongest memory of heart-pounding belly-twisting nervousness: what caused the adrenaline? Was it justified? How did you respond?”

The first thing that comes to my mind is the day Simba proposed me for marriage!!

A short prologue:

We met at a certificate course in his city, A. I used to travel from my city, B, which is three hours drive. His first impression was that of arrogant and self consumed person and he thought I was some dumb chick lost in a place where I shouldn’t be! Well, that was the start!

After the course, one of my very good friends wanted to join the company Simba worked for. He asked me to forward his resume to Simba, which I did and sent a short message of having done so. (I recollected that he was the same guy who came to present on some topic when I was in managing committee of a students organisation.) I told him that and there started the sea of messages to each other!!

In a few days I knew that he was not arrogant and he knew that I was not dumb! And that we were both cricket enthusiasts and haters of K-serials by Ekta Kapoor! The transition from negativity to one of the “closest” friends didn’t take much time! I visited his city for some other seminar, where we met for the second time. All the time he was trying to impress me (I could sense that) and cracking jokes which I found irresistibly funny!! He mentioned that his parents were taking him to a girl-seeing meeting that day (a very regular feature in India for bachelors who have not bee successful in finding a bride for themselves!) which he didn’t want to attend!

He started rejecting girl proposals one by one and his mom sensed that something was amiss with her usually obedient son! She cracked her brains to know why he didn’t like any of the girls they suggested. On some insistence, Simba opened up and told about me. She asked him to ask me whether I would want to be a part of their small family!!

Okay, the prologue wasn’t that short, but aagey: (forward to the proposal day)

I didn’t know of what happened with the girl-seeing or about his conversation with him mommy! I was in office that day and he calls. It was a surprise since he is a rather sincere guy who doesn’t do personal business in office time, unlike the very insincere me! He asked me whether my mom-dad wants to get me married or not. Oh, now that was nasty! I didn’t like the question and told him of course! I am going for boy seeing thing soon enough!

But I did not know he was going to propose! He casually mentioned that my parents can start looking for some good boys in A (his city) and that he knew a very good guy who would want to get married to me!!! I was going through a myriad of emotions. Shock, surprise, happiness, excitement, fear, all at varying degrees were going on inside me! And I was literally shivering. I couldn’t talk to him! Just mumbled something incomprehensible and ran home!

I told my mom about the incident and she was shocked! What happened later might be a part of another post! But it did end up in marriage. So alls well that ends well might be true in our case!

So this was my encounter with heart-pounding, belly twisting nervousness! Getting a proposal and informing mommy dearest about it! How about you? Can you recollect such experiences? Please write about it and send me a link in the comments!! We can have some fun 🙂 🙂

Btw, I have also written about the messages we sent to each other during this time here.