Liebster Award – My Second – Yayieee!!!


This is what Shilpa of Frillthrills nominated me for!!! And its my second! My first was given to me by Anoop of TRANQUIL yet alive!

Here are the RULES:

#1 Write a post answering the questions you have been given

#2 Thank and link the blogger(s) who nominated you in them

#3 Nominate five to eleven other bloggers for this “award”

And here is me following these RULES:
Answers to the questions:

1. Why do you blog?

I blog because #1 I love to write. Its my way of letting off the steam. #2 I really cant come to terms with what goes on in our society in the name of “culture” #3 I want to make some change in #2, even if it is miniscule. Well, these were my reasons to start this blog. And now, I feel like sharing everything with the people who read my stupid scribbling typing, and so you find posts on the people I love (or hate) too!

2. What is that one crazy thing you’ve done and pretty proud of in your life?

Initiated chatting with a complete stranger just because I had his number from a conference we attended amongst 100 others and because one of my other crazy friends dared me to! It was crazy. I didn’t know him. And I chatted to him about things I don’t chat with even my bestest friend!

I am proud of it because now, he is my HUSBAND!!!! 😀

3. If you had three wishes from a non-tricky genie, what would you wish for?

Ooooohhhh…. I wish to say something smart like “I’ll ask only one wish – that all my wishes are fulfilled” 

But since the genie is a non-tricky one, may be I should play nice. So here are my wishes:

  • My son to have a healthy and beautiful life.
  • Work life balance for hub – God Everybody knows he needs time to enjoy what he earns!
  • My dream house – the one with small huge garden, lots of trees, sweet smelling flowers, awesome kitchen**, awesomer furnishings and awesomest family aka me hub and kiddo!
  • ** – conditions apply! 

4. What is your wierdest quirk?

Hub tells me I daydream a lot, building castles over thin air. I prefer calling it imagination 💡

5. The most beautiful outcome of blogging for you has been?

That at least 82 (as of now) people think my scribblings read-worthy!!!

Thank the blogger who nominated me:

Shilpa, I think you are amazing! Your dressing sense is superb! And your smile is so infectious, it makes me happy, reading your posts and looking at your pictures! I think if we met each other, we could hit off instantly!!! Plus, you’re a CA! Makes is double dhamaal!! 

So Thank You for being on WP or how else were we gonna meet! Thank you for the nomination! Amazing feeling!

Nominate 5-11 other bloggers:

I am just addicted to the following pages:

Transformation by Shabeeha – An awesome story that just ended and I am already waiting for more from her!

KittiesVindaloo – An honest amusing and refreshing take on India by someone from outside India migrating to India

Anawnimiss – I just loveeeeeeeeeee her way of writing.. Precise funny and captivating take on not-so-routine things in life! She has the wierdest experiences and she puts it forward so brilliantly!

The Beasts in my mind – A blogger from Pakistan. At least thats what raised by curiosity to visit his blog. Unsurprisingly, he is just like any other good person you would meet in India. I am glad I found his blog!

The Happy Lifeaholic – I went to her blog seeing this and have been going back again and again!

My questions for all of you are:

1. What led you to start your blog?

2. Your best memory from childhood

3. What do you fear the most? Why?

4. The rumour you heard about yourself and laughed like crazy

5. Certified turn-off behavior according to you

6. any 3 of the items on your bucket list





And the next proud owner of Liebster Award is……….

First of all many thanks to Anoop for this award here!


It is amazing to be rewarded when you have just started yet! So thanks Anoop! 🙂

This bullet-crazy blogger who talks about everyday routine things (and in a way which make them extraordinary) was the first person to read all my posts and boost my morale to continue with it. Otherwise, there have been several blogs given the cruel death sentence in frustration of not reaching a single person!! Here is his blog: Tranquil yet alive and it will be fun to enter the mind of this gentleman, that I assure!

Now here are the requirements of the award:

  1. Thank the Liebster Award presenter who nominated you and link back to his or her blog.
  2. Post 11 facts about yourself, answer the 11 questions you were asked and create 11 questions for your nominees.
  3. Nominate small (no more than 200 followers) blogs who you feel deserve to be noticed and leave a comment on their blog letting them know that they have been chosen.
  4. Display the Liebster Award logo.
  5. No tag-backs, meaning you can’t just re-nominate the person who nominated you.

I would have thanked him even if the award didn’t require but it did give me a chance to tell him that I really am thankful, award or no award!

Now, without much ado, the 11 facts about me:

1. I am a girl with zillions of little happy (sometimes sappy) dreams who figured out that there is no “happily ever after” the hard way and that not all dreams are fulfilled; who is lucky enough to have her Prince Charming by her side; and who writes about inequality that the women have to face for being women.

2. I grew up in a small town, moved to a city for higher studies, cleared Chartered Accountancy exams with an All India Rank and made my parents the proudest they could be.

3. Married the man I loved and realised there are more things to life than being an ace at studies. I was a novice cook and a rather clumsy homemaker, which earned a lot of raised eyebrows from the elders. Realised that no matter how much more it is to a girl, she will always be judged based on how well she cooks and how well she can handle the home, at least most people do so. Also realised that there can more to a person than meets the eye. I misunderstood my husband initially, called him a MCP and thought he didn’t love me because he did not stand up for me. But then, slowly it did sink in that he also does a lot for me, albeit silently. Stands up for me, orders my favorite pizza, takes me for a vacation when he thinks I am full to the brim with frustrations, lets me be bitchy to him and still loves me. So I learnt that the Prince is always there, happily ever after will be there someday, I need to work towards it and so does he. So today, we are partners in crime and good deeds and strive to make our lives happier by working around the cards dealt to us, ensuring that none of the people who sacrificed their lives for us are hurt in the process.

4. I have a six months old son who is the charm of my life and my ultimate stress buster. I am mad about his smile, his laugh, his antics and his twinkling eyes as he looks at me when I go home after a day of work! I love putting him to sleep because thats when he holds my finger and keeps looking in my eyes till they eventually drowse and shut down for the day!

5. I love rains until they make the roads messy and muddy, I love winters and I hate summers. I love gifts and I start waiting for my birthday the moment it ends!

6. I started learning how to cook and it has kindof grown over me. I love it. Everything about cooking. The sputter of tadka, the smell of kitchen, the freshly baked goodies, the fridge full of fruits and veggies!

7. I want to open a small restaurant someday and dress it up for valentines day every year!

8. I want my son to grow up to be what he wants and I wish he is driven by his own dreams, and not of his parents.

9. I want to move to a beautiful country someday and own a cottage and grow my own vegetables! (It contrasts heavily with 7, but well, that is me!!)

10. I want to design my own home someday with a dedicated corner for a small (a little larger than small actually) library where I can sit and read every noon!

11. And I wish to own a cooking website someday!!!

Phew! That was long and that was me, uncut! 🙂

Now, the answers to 11 questions I was asked:

1. Are you addicted to something? If yes, What? (other than alcohol, cigars and drugs)

mmmm… nope I am not addicted to anything. Nothing.

2. What does money mean to you? Why?

Money is the key to a better secured future. Both for us and for our son. It is not the most important, love, manners and family comes first, but money cannot ever be ruled out. Today, hardwork and money (which follows) are the only things that make a person achieve the small comforts and peace.

3. What is your passion? What do you like to do the most apart from eating and sleeping?


4. What quality of your best friend/friends do you admire?

The quality to listen all my frustrations without a word and when I am done, to tell me lightly with a sarcasm and humor fit for awards that I am overdoing it and I should be a little bit more thankful than I am 🙂

5. Have you ever felt guilty for doing something in life, that keeps troubling you even now?

Yes. I wish to be able to be someone that my parents can fall back on at any point of time in their lives. Due to certain circumstances, I have built a wall around me that they cant overcome and have learnt not to expect from me. Its a guilt I will die with. It troubles me every time I look in the eyes of my dad who still wants me to be as happy he would have kept me.

6. What is that one good thing that you can proudly say to anyone about yourself, I mean a lesson from your life that people can learn?

Very frankly, nothing I can think of.

7. Have you ever been in a relationship with someone? If yes What did you learn/admire / hate about being in a relationship ?

Learn: How to silently do things for the one you love and keep doing it inspite of the negative feedbacks!

Admire: The ability to forgive

Hate: Resistance to change

8. Whom do you admire the most in your family? (Doesn’t need to be your parents or siblings, can be cousins or anyone in the family)

My grandfather. I have written about him here

9.What kind of person are you? (Funny/humorous/serious/shy…….)

Facebook quizzes tell me I an emotional sensitive person who wishes to grow wings and be independent!

10. If you were given a chance to go out on a dinner with, Who would that lucky one be?

Its been ages I have caught up with my cousins. So I would wish for a cousins night out at our favorite place – The Mc D in that basement of a mall!

11. Which is your favorite post from your blog? If I would insist that you pick one out of the lot, Which one would that be?

It would be Terribly Tiny Tales.

And my nominees for this award are:

1. I love the post on Things I would like to teach my daugher

2. I love this post

3. I love all the posts here. They way the blogger describes the experiences of a child is amazing!

4. I recommend this post on honour killings which will make you speechless.

5. (This blog has a little more than 200 followers but it is amazing and hence, I am nominating. More so because the blogger is a male!) Please read this post here which I absolutely love.

I hope you pass this on to other bloggers who, according to you, need to be appreciated for the efforts they put in their work.

Thanks and enjoy!!! 🙂