Instead of boring you to death with a lengthy description, here are some pointers about me:

  • I am an Indian and a female, as my name suggests!
  • I started this blog mainly because I have a *huge* problem with Patriarchal mindset which thinks, in short, that women are lower than men in the family structure / work structure / any damn structure. That I have to write about it anonymously, talks a lot about how our social setup, in most parts, is.
  • I write about the above and how it affects at least half of the population of India
  • I also write about my life, people in it, festivals, holidays, parenting, and random musings!
  • For ease of reference, the people I refer to in my blog are these:
    • Simba – my husband
    • Happy – my almost 1 year old son
    • Popeye – my first cousin
    • Hobbes – my sister (because I think I am smart as Calvin!!)
    • I shall add more as I talk about them
  • I love trees, mountains, beaches, rivers, in short, everything about nature! But ironically, afraid of lizards, cockroaches and the likes!
  • I love holidaying but would choose naturally beautiful places over forests of cement and stone! So, Dalhousie over Dubai, just in case you wish to gift me a vacation! 😉
  • I love India and I hate India. For different reasons. But I would never really leave India, even if I had to go away for a few years. Home is where the heart is!

I hope you are bored enough by the monologue! So, to break it, lets hear from you?

How are you doing today? 🙂