Waves of nostalgia!


I know these are not spectacular toys or they don’t even look close to the attractive toys kids have these days but hey, they have a lot of wonderful memories! I must say I am a bit too emotional of my childhood and a bit too possessive of my things and I can’t handle if somebody touch my things. Here’s proof.

And especially after I got married, I get all mopey if my things, which I left in safe custody of my mom are touched or paraded around. They are left with her with a strict warning to never open them or touch them or let anyone near them.

And yet, my mom chose to thrust this picture to me on a day when I think I’m already a bit mopey. Maybe its just PMS. But I got super affected having watched this WhatsApp message in the middle of a meeting! And a video of my sister playing with it just to drive me up the wall. Grrr

My sister is touching my things. She knows how I get. I’m going to kill her. Next week though, because I’m going to visit mom then. I’ll have to devise some clever plan to get back! *evil mind at work*

And also, I will have to keep my relics out of reach of little monster called Happy who loves to destroy things with a (plastic) Bheem’s gada (mace)  that is among his favorite things!!

God help me!


That day of the year!

Its again that day of the year when me and Simba get to say Happy Anniversary to each other and smile at each other thinking how did I get so lucky!

Except that – it never happens!

The first year, we were love struck and hence, celebrated by visiting a nearby resort for the extended weekend!

The second year, well, he forgot the date because he was too tied up with work and since it wasn’t too practical to go out for a weekend, we went for a nice dinner!

The third year, we resolved that we’ll have dinner together every year this day. Because it is manageable and we can click a picture in the same pose every year and then when we turn 80, its going to be a joy to watch those pics after so many years and tell our children and grandchildren that we never miss anniversary dinner date so no party for you. Boo!

This year – I forgot it was our anniversary! And when he wished me, I acted really well that I was also about to wish him, which he called out very smartly saying my eyes were bulging out and he knew I was lying! Gah!

I am just thinking whatever happened to those daydreams I foresaw millions of years ago? In my daydreams, we were planning surprises for each other, clicking pictures and celebrating the day with pomp! I think I just need to blame the Karan Johars of the world because do I know anybody who has done the exact same thing on exact same day every year without fail? Do I know anybody who has not forgotten the day even once? Do I know any couple completely perfect in the filmy / perfectly written romance-lit way? NO.

And a little voice in my brain asks me Do I want to know someone like that? Hell, no! That would make this rantpost seem completely stupid, noh? 

So far, I have spent the celebratory day by waiting for 2 hours for Happy to wake up because it seems he wanted to sleep-in late today and I wanted him to wake up and babble those beautiful words which I can’t seem to understand most of the time. Poor thing has to exasperatedly wave his hands here and there and point to things to make me understand that when he says eipan,  he means his elephant and when he says indi  alongwith trying to push his index finger nail inside me with gritted teeth, he is giving me an injection and I am supposed to shout “owww”!! The best is when he, in all earnestness and with a serious face, comes and gives a wet little kiss, and then waits for me to smile! And the returning smile is pure bliss! I could forget I want an iPad for a few minutes! 😉

I also had a lazy bath, a nice breakfast (courtesy mum in law) and just when I thought I’d have to leave for office without meeting Happy, he woke up with brilliant twinkle and called out mummmyyyy, dudhu! hahaha.. The best gift I could have ever had! 😛

And finally, my husband messaged me after his breakfast meeting asking to book a room in the nearby resort for this weekend. We’re going to relax and enjoy!!! I love being me because I am so damn lucky! ❤

You might think what was the point of this post. To which I’ll say – its pointless! 😛 hehahaha.. I just shitwitted you with boring (to you) details! *evil grin*

When the world turned blind

I recollect that my school syllabus included a chapter on history of World War II and the dictators, Hitler and Mussolini, and I also remember wishing that they were never born – so that I didn’t have to cram all these stupid dates. I vaguely remember my sister urging me to read The Diary of Anne Frank, but I know I was so stuck up with Nancy Drew & Famous Five and Secret Seven that I didn’t want to read something that made her cry for several days.

Finally, I caught up.

Yes, I’ve been drowning myself in Holocaust books and the debate going on these days about Holocaust being one big fat lie, scripted by the Jews to get sympathy. There are articles out there which say that 6 million Jews were massacred. Then, there are articles which say there weren’t so many of them to begin with. And then, there are articles which say that along with 6 million Jews, 6 million other people also died and it was all attributable to war and not some crazy idea of Hitler to have a Jew-free Germany.

There are articles which say that the gas chambers never existed and there was no “systematic” killing of Jews. And there are pictures and countless survivors repeating eye-witness accounts of smoke from concentration camps and stench of burning flesh and sonder-kommando (Jewish prisoners in concentration camps forced to be a part of eliminating group) who passed it on to others in the camps that they were a part of the group that were forced to stuff people in gas chambers and take them out for burning later on.

Frankly, I am confused. I know that the winners always tell the story and that it is often exaggerated but are the Jews really winners here? Because there is no contesting the fact that millions of them, if not 6 million, were indeed killed. There are pictures of people thinner than zero-figure models and their eyes – God! Their eyes appear haunted by the devil himself! There are also videos on youtube taken by the Russian army while liberating some of the camps. Equally horrifying.

But I am glad I read both sides before deciding that it doesn’t matter even if the Holocaust deniers don’t agree with everything the survivors say and if their creed continues to grow. Because the books written by these survivors are so capturing, you know they are not lying because the words come straight from their nightmares. There is something about reading a real experience that is different. You know its not made up.

This is not exactly a book review but if someone is interested in reading about Holocaust, I suggest you start with The Diary of Anne Frank, which is about a girl in hiding with her family. Then you can go ahead with A Nazi Officer’s wife, which is of a Jew girl marrying a Nazi officer and her survival outside of the camps. Test what kinds of horrors you can digest and what sends you into depression. The concentration camps memories are certainly the most horrifying. Although, The Pianist (it was also made into a movie) which is about a Jew pianist hiding and evading camps, is also a very good read. The other two books which I loved because of their language and clarity of memories were All But my Life and Rena’s Promise.

I’m still hooked to Holocaust books. Have read a few others too. I want to read some book written by Germans. Maybe Mein Kamph will give some insight. I’m not sure.

Have you all ever been intrigued by the Holocaust debates or Holocaust books? Which ones do you recommend?

Back from a weekend party!!!

Hello all you wonderful people who didn’t give a shit about me disappearing for more than 3 months in a row. Hmpfff. I could have been angry with you and not posted anything but since I am all angelic, I’ll tell you what I was upto!!

Firstly, I was loaded with files and files of work I absolutely loved to do! When that was done, Happy took ill and was hospitalised for 4 days. All’s well now. He had bronchitis but we’re good now!

And to recuperate from all this madness, we planned a wonderful weekend at a beach resort in our own state Gujarat! What you thought Gujju people only went to Diu and Daman? Wrong, weren’t you?

There’s this beautiful district called Kutch of “Kutch nahi dekha to kuch nahi dekha” fame and in it, is a serene place called Mandvi! We stayed at a resort called the Mandvi Beach Resort, which is a private beach of the royal family of Mandvi! The place is so beautiful that we didn’t even go to take a peek in the Palace which was only a kilometer away!

Look at this sparrow sunbathing after sunrise! It was so peaceful, you could sleep on the beach itself and never wake up!


We lived in tents like these:


Few more pics:



The beach


The beach


Restaurant on the beach!


A sparrow feeding her little baby!

And so end the three months of hibernation from my go-to-place-for-talking-out!

Pointers for Mandvi Beach Resort:

  • The longest private beach in India – 1.5 kms of private beach! Match that!
  • Sandy beach, no little pebbles trying to break into your feet!
  • Clean, well maintained resort
  • No mobile connectivity, no internet, not even intercom! May be a problem for some. But for me, it was the best chance to disconnect and be happy!
  • Bargain shopping at local market – amazing embroidered clothes for unbeatable prices – I am not advertising! 😛
  • The food is delicious
  • Gujarat people can easily plan a weekend getaway. We went by train to Bhuj and hired a taxi to the resort (overnight in train, an hour by taxi)

How have you all been? Any awesome places you visited?

Choices – so what about them?

You must have seen the #VogueEmpower video directed by Homi Adajania and featuring Deepika Padukone, right? Or at the very least, you must have heard of it. It features 99 women talking about choices. Why 99? Because he would want you to know that the hundredth woman was not free! Her choice was not to be featured!

Overall, the video has some stunning camera & editing work. Throwing in all kinds of faces with a mixed bag of modern to rustic women. If you watch the video on mute, you will think it is some kind of celebration of womanhood. Hair flowing around, hues of blacks and white – it is surreal! Powerful.

But I can’t say the same about the audio and the content. Deepika’s voice seems oddly controlled. Doesn’t really go with the free flowing impactful video.

Regarding the content – I don’t agree with a lot of points. The most obvious is the choice of having sex outside of marriage. I mean that is just bullshit and I don’t even need to elaborate on fidelity. Also, the choice to come and go as one pleases – sorry but I would like to be kept informed if my husband chooses to come home after 10 PM and why not? The video seems to imply no questions asked – I come and go as I please. Then I would say – please don’t get into a relationship! Because relationship is a partnership and does have strings attached!

Though the video has been lauded by many and seen by most, I fail to see what it aims at? There are faces of ultra modern women to tribal women. It covers them all. But does the content cover them all? The choices of loving temporarily, lusting forever, marry or not to marry, having a baby or not are all choices that most women don’t even want. Most want to marry, have kids, love forever and be loved forever. When you cover 99 kinds of faces in your video, how do you address only the select 1/10th of women in the audio? There is no connect!

Then there is the philosophical talk of universe and taming the universe and infinity and capturing the sun in the palm – all of it just flew above me. I couldn’t get it at all! I tried thinking poetically – if it connected to the other content somehow. But nope. May be I am thick!

And the hash tag they gave is #VogueEmpower. I am sorry I did not find the video empowering. At all. I am not inclined to have a choice to have sex with someone other than my husband, neither am I inclined to come home at 4 AM nor am I inclined towards being compared with the universe. Compared to the earlier two Vogue Empower campaigns, this one just failed big time.

I think when our country is still dealing with rights to education, clothing and marry who you love, these choices they are talking about don’t hold much water. May be 50 years from now. May be not even then. But then, may be its just me.

The one verse that I did love was the one that said bindi and rings are just replaceable ornaments. Love is not. So love is what should be treasured above all else. If only there were things as relevant in this “empowerment” video.

Cricket, hopes and downfalls?

I remember the World Cup of 2003. I was a crazy Indian team fan then. I had a lucky shorts & tee combination which I wore everytime India played. The way we crushed all other teams (barring Aus of course), I was hopeful we will continue the same in Final.

But they broke my heart! It was a nightmare. That final. And I remember crying silently on my pillow that night. My first heart-break was not a relationship. It was 2003 world cup final.

Then came 2007. I will refrain from commenting anything because we all know how we were humiliated against Bangladesh. *shudder*

2011 – Hmm.. It was Sachin’s last world cup and in India. I remember all the matches like the back of my hand! The euphoria of that win! The screams! And those midnight firecrackers! But that was expected because the matches were played in India.

Now comes 2015. The crazy fan in me has sobered. I think practically. Rationally. My expectations have completely altered.

I think Pakistan will crush us. We win. Relief

What if we lose against SA? We win. Relief

I think Gayle will murder us. We win. Relief

I think Bangladesh will repeat 2007. We win. Relief

None of the matches were close calls. We won. Safely.

Now comes Australia. The sledging team. The team against which India is known to stumble. We are just too scared of them. I joke in office that we’re going to lose. I prepare myself. Of course, we can’t win against Australia in Australia. I think I know we’re going to lose and it won’t affect me. I think I am practical and rational.

I am delusional. Yes, that’s exactly what I am.

Because here I am biting my nails and silently crying on my desk because we are chasing 329 and Dhawan, Kohli, Rohit and Raina – all of them broke my heart – again! Nostalgia is a bitch. It is reminding me of 2003 again and again. And here we are, tumbling one after the other back to the dressing room!

Dear God. I thought you were fair. I thought I prayed after 2003 to make me immune to India losing matches. I thought we agreed you’ll do that. 😦

Dear Dhoni. I thought you are leading us. And if I keep hoping for the opposite, you’ll again and again prove yourself just to stubbornly show that you can win matches for India. 😦

Dear RIG. Just stop blabbering and get back to work. 😦

8 reasons why following Thought Catalog / Quartz is not such a great idea.

  1. They post 1000000000000000 posts a day which makes makes your news feed a tad too crowded for your taste.
  2. Of the above 1000000 are list posts which are on totally random topics you don’t even want to care about
  3. Of the total posts they post, only 2-3 a week are what you’d be interested in
  4. Did I mention they crowd your news feed?
  5. You are always worried you missed posts of your favorite bloggers and have to visit each of them individually and then, you end up reading your favorite posts on their blog. Again. Not that it doesn’t interest me, but that it is very stalker-ish.
  6. While you try not to worry too much about missing posts, you actually miss one. Duh!
  7. They have totally amazing pictures for their post which make you feel intrigued, but it turns out you are not interested in 25 ways to mend a broken heart or tall people on why being tall is no big deal or what it will cost you if you become a US ambassador. (Ok, I was interested in today’s post “why having a chocolate croissant everyday is a good diet plan! Om nom nom!! Yumm!!)
  8. Oh yeah. They crowd your news feed.

So sorry thought catalog and quartz. I am unfollowing you. No offense.

Sometimes, I want a fairytale ending!!!


Yes, well so much for believing in no happy endings and happily every afters and fairytale like stories! So I read Princess Diaries. All 10 of them!! In 3 days. By sacrificing my night sleep. And I don’t regret it! I loved the happy ending! And now I am eager for the last part “Royal Wedding” that comes in June.

I love Mia and Michael’s pair. And even Lilly though she was a bit too judgmental for my taste. The plot of the books is pretty different from the one in movies. And now I can say, the movies suck! They let Michael be lost into oblivion just after the first part! And there is so much more to Michael than shown in the movie.

The movie was all about her being a Princess and abundant wealth and palaces but the books were much more than that! I mean I did love that amazing wardrobe room of Princess Mia they showed in Part II of the movies and I was hyperventilating with pure jealousy when she opened the shoe drawers with a remote control and then those tiaras! *swoon* But hey, even a Princess has much more to do than just roam around in a closet full of amazing clothes, shoes and accessories right? Just like any other person!

Oh I loved the books. Too much. But I am supposed to be an independent woman who does not believe in fairy tales. But I so want to!!! Do you know what I mean?

This may be an after-effect of reading the book which may worn out in a couple of days but I still wanted to let it be known that I am a fairy-tale girl!! ❤

Messages I received on woman’s day!

I am so blessed to be surrounded by such appreciative people. Who send me messages like these:

Here’s to the woman who knows draws strength from troubles, smiles during distress and grows stronger with prayers and hope. 

Well, what if I am not that woman who smiled during distress? Can’t you just say happy woman’s day to you?!

It is hard to be a woman. You must think like a man, act like a lady, look like a young girl and work like a horse. Happy women’s day!

Please! You put 4 stereotypes in one sentence and expect me to be happy that you remembered me on woman’s day?

Maa hai woh, beti hai woh, behen hai woh to kabhi patni hai woh. Jeevan ke har sukh dukh mein shaamil hai woh. shakti hai woh, prerna hai woh. Naman hai un sab nariyon ko jo jeevan ke har mod pe hamara saath deti hai. Mahila divas ki badhaai. (She is a mother, she is a sister and she is a wife. She is a part of all happiness and difficulties of our lives. She is strength and inspiration. Lets bow to all those women who are with us in all modes of our loves. Happy women’s day)

Yes. I am a mother. I am also a wife. I am also a daughter. But I am me too. And that is the biggest part of who I am. Yes, I am there for my family just as they are there for me. No I don’t need you to bow to me for that because you don’t bow to someone for doing what they’re supposed to.  It is not a wives day or a daughters day or a sisters day. It is a women’s day. Let us wish women a happy day only because they are women. Not because they are good wives and daughters and sisters.

And yes, to all the women reading these – Happy women’s day. i.e. Belated. 🙂 Hope you had a good one. ❤

I love you more than anyone!

Adi has nominated me for a wonderful topic Love. She wants me to describe love in 10 lines and 4 words in each line!

It might sound cheesy but since the time I have had a kid, I have realised that the love he has for us is the only kind which can be called unconditional. Or just one condition – love me back. He needs us, needs our time, our smiles, our applaud when he learns to close and open his fingers to “twinkle twinkle little star”. This love is not describable. In few words or more. So I think few should be good 😀

Love is the smile

he has on his face

when he wakes up

and stumbles towards me,

Love is when

his face lights up

on opening the door

and finding daddy is home,

Love is when

he is afraid

and rushes towards me

for snuggles and hugs,

Love is everything

that a child does

for that is the love

whose only condition is love-back!

I am not very good at writing in few words. But I tried!

What I have to do is nominate 10 people to carry this chain forward. What I will do instead is nominate each one of you who reads this. Because I can’t select just 10 😀

Come on guys! 🙂