Waves of nostalgia!


I know these are not spectacular toys or they don’t even look close to the attractive toys kids have these days but hey, they have a lot of wonderful memories! I must say I am a bit too emotional of my childhood and a bit too possessive of my things and I can’t handle if somebody touch my things. Here’s proof.

And especially after I got married, I get all mopey if my things, which I left in safe custody of my mom are touched or paraded around. They are left with her with a strict warning to never open them or touch them or let anyone near them.

And yet, my mom chose to thrust this picture to me on a day when I think I’m already a bit mopey. Maybe its just PMS. But I got super affected having watched this WhatsApp message in the middle of a meeting! And a video of my sister playing with it just to drive me up the wall. Grrr

My sister is touching my things. She knows how I get. I’m going to kill her. Next week though, because I’m going to visit mom then. I’ll have to devise some clever plan to get back! *evil mind at work*

And also, I will have to keep my relics out of reach of little monster called Happy who loves to destroy things with a (plastic) Bheem’s gada (mace)  that is among his favorite things!!

God help me!


32 thoughts on “Waves of nostalgia!

  1. mytraveldiaryblog says:

    haha aww i know the feeling. I too get possessive of my old things. There is this plastic fork my mom bought for me and my brother. he had a blue and i a red. It was quite unique. Stands out from all the forks i have seen. Used to eat almost everything using that haha. One of my cousins, when he was little cried and created a scene..only because he had eyes on my red fork.. and he took it. The usual elder banter.. bachha hai..de do..tum badi ho gayi ho. tumhe iski zaroorat nahi blah blah blah. And he is a grown up now and still won’t return. The thing is it is a material thing..but it has lots of memories attached. People don’t realise it really. I still have the blue one though. I get happy using that 🙂

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