That day of the year!

Its again that day of the year when me and Simba get to say Happy Anniversary to each other and smile at each other thinking how did I get so lucky!

Except that – it never happens!

The first year, we were love struck and hence, celebrated by visiting a nearby resort for the extended weekend!

The second year, well, he forgot the date because he was too tied up with work and since it wasn’t too practical to go out for a weekend, we went for a nice dinner!

The third year, we resolved that we’ll have dinner together every year this day. Because it is manageable and we can click a picture in the same pose every year and then when we turn 80, its going to be a joy to watch those pics after so many years and tell our children and grandchildren that we never miss anniversary dinner date so no party for you. Boo!

This year – I forgot it was our anniversary! And when he wished me, I acted really well that I was also about to wish him, which he called out very smartly saying my eyes were bulging out and he knew I was lying! Gah!

I am just thinking whatever happened to those daydreams I foresaw millions of years ago? In my daydreams, we were planning surprises for each other, clicking pictures and celebrating the day with pomp! I think I just need to blame the Karan Johars of the world because do I know anybody who has done the exact same thing on exact same day every year without fail? Do I know anybody who has not forgotten the day even once? Do I know any couple completely perfect in the filmy / perfectly written romance-lit way? NO.

And a little voice in my brain asks me Do I want to know someone like that? Hell, no! That would make this rantpost seem completely stupid, noh? 

So far, I have spent the celebratory day by waiting for 2 hours for Happy to wake up because it seems he wanted to sleep-in late today and I wanted him to wake up and babble those beautiful words which I can’t seem to understand most of the time. Poor thing has to exasperatedly wave his hands here and there and point to things to make me understand that when he says eipan,  he means his elephant and when he says indi  alongwith trying to push his index finger nail inside me with gritted teeth, he is giving me an injection and I am supposed to shout “owww”!! The best is when he, in all earnestness and with a serious face, comes and gives a wet little kiss, and then waits for me to smile! And the returning smile is pure bliss! I could forget I want an iPad for a few minutes! 😉

I also had a lazy bath, a nice breakfast (courtesy mum in law) and just when I thought I’d have to leave for office without meeting Happy, he woke up with brilliant twinkle and called out mummmyyyy, dudhu! hahaha.. The best gift I could have ever had! 😛

And finally, my husband messaged me after his breakfast meeting asking to book a room in the nearby resort for this weekend. We’re going to relax and enjoy!!! I love being me because I am so damn lucky! ❤

You might think what was the point of this post. To which I’ll say – its pointless! 😛 hehahaha.. I just shitwitted you with boring (to you) details! *evil grin*


24 thoughts on “That day of the year!

  1. A Regular Indian Guy says:

    Happy anniversary.. wishing many many more.

    An American mother came to this Gujarati lady who runs a Day Care center here and asked, “what is dudhu? my son keeps asking for it”…. Just thought of sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. janani says:

    Happy Anniversary! The whole point that you can forget and yet it does not make a difference is what reminds us that relationships are beyond anniversaries, dates and such facts when you are in a (nearly!) perfect one. You don’t need a date for celebration, do you? 🙂 Have an amazing weekend!


  3. ANooP says:

    Happy Anniversary 🙂 It’s sad that we are getting busy with each passing day, or at least I would rather prefer normal life over a busy one. 😀

    Hope you enjoy your weekend and Happy keeps everyone happy 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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