Choices – so what about them?

You must have seen the #VogueEmpower video directed by Homi Adajania and featuring Deepika Padukone, right? Or at the very least, you must have heard of it. It features 99 women talking about choices. Why 99? Because he would want you to know that the hundredth woman was not free! Her choice was not to be featured!

Overall, the video has some stunning camera & editing work. Throwing in all kinds of faces with a mixed bag of modern to rustic women. If you watch the video on mute, you will think it is some kind of celebration of womanhood. Hair flowing around, hues of blacks and white – it is surreal! Powerful.

But I can’t say the same about the audio and the content. Deepika’s voice seems oddly controlled. Doesn’t really go with the free flowing impactful video.

Regarding the content – I don’t agree with a lot of points. The most obvious is the choice of having sex outside of marriage. I mean that is just bullshit and I don’t even need to elaborate on fidelity. Also, the choice to come and go as one pleases – sorry but I would like to be kept informed if my husband chooses to come home after 10 PM and why not? The video seems to imply no questions asked – I come and go as I please. Then I would say – please don’t get into a relationship! Because relationship is a partnership and does have strings attached!

Though the video has been lauded by many and seen by most, I fail to see what it aims at? There are faces of ultra modern women to tribal women. It covers them all. But does the content cover them all? The choices of loving temporarily, lusting forever, marry or not to marry, having a baby or not are all choices that most women don’t even want. Most want to marry, have kids, love forever and be loved forever. When you cover 99 kinds of faces in your video, how do you address only the select 1/10th of women in the audio? There is no connect!

Then there is the philosophical talk of universe and taming the universe and infinity and capturing the sun in the palm – all of it just flew above me. I couldn’t get it at all! I tried thinking poetically – if it connected to the other content somehow. But nope. May be I am thick!

And the hash tag they gave is #VogueEmpower. I am sorry I did not find the video empowering. At all. I am not inclined to have a choice to have sex with someone other than my husband, neither am I inclined to come home at 4 AM nor am I inclined towards being compared with the universe. Compared to the earlier two Vogue Empower campaigns, this one just failed big time.

I think when our country is still dealing with rights to education, clothing and marry who you love, these choices they are talking about don’t hold much water. May be 50 years from now. May be not even then. But then, may be its just me.

The one verse that I did love was the one that said bindi and rings are just replaceable ornaments. Love is not. So love is what should be treasured above all else. If only there were things as relevant in this “empowerment” video.


13 thoughts on “Choices – so what about them?

  1. Milanka's Fine Food says:

    After watching this video and perhaps I should watch it again as I don’t quite understand what it was all about. My video must have been on MUTE and all I heard was the word choices and nothing else. Was it representing the Choices that a Modern Women can make for themselves in society? I believe that women who make choices for themselves don’t need to have their hair flowing all over the screen??? LOL They are strong, confident and they represent all age groups. I did notice that they quickly, very quickly moved from a woman who was older back to the young and gorgeous one. 🙂 🙂


  2. RIG says:

    Liberals like IHM want us to believe that crime is unique to India:

    “where is BBC hiding”

    “BBC’s job is to protect western civilisation by trashing the non Western”


    • A regular Indian girl! says:

      I never heard IHM say crime is unique to India and I don’t question anyone’s intelligence like that! Crime happens everywhere but that does not mean we let crimes in our country go unnoticed and let the criminals free unhindered because crime happens everywhere.

      Why are you hell bent on hiding behind reported rape cases comparisons, BBC’s ethics, other countries rape statistics, how other countries are avoiding work on that, etc. Is that fair?

      Indians are indeed beaten up in UK and more so in Australia. We know that. So does that mean we should not focus on crimes against women? Or does it mean that since UK is considered civilised inspite of crimes against Indians, we should be considered civilised inspite of crimes against women?

      Or does it mean that since there are crimes in all countries and BBC is not covering all those other crimes, they have no right to cover a crime in India?

      Or does it mean that unless and until BBC does a documentary on every such crime existing everywhere else, we are going to continue avoiding our own problems and we shall choose to be oblivious of the fate of several women out here?

      Or does it mean that if anyone is supporting BBC documentary because it unveils the mentality of more than some Indians, we will bash them because they are not supporting the cause of beaten up Indians elsewhere and rape cases in other countries and such others?

      Please enlighten me.


      • RIG says:

        Why blight Indian women with our body fascism?

        When a white lady wrote this, guess what our IHM’s reply was? I leave it as an exercise for your imagination. She sees nothing but evil in Indian society and has been censoring or censuring any viewpoint that remotely supports Indian society or says western society is not perfect.
        It is some disease that afflicts Delhi liberals. Perhaps JNU effect. Mumbai ladies are not like this. A white lady next to me on the flight once even tried to come up with an explanation: “The culture also is dry there unlike in the rest of India, perhaps due to the effect of the nearby desert”.


  3. singhruby says:

    No you aren’t thick. I agree to the points highlighted by you to the bits. The one with having sex outside the marriage, the one with coming late in the night and many more. I couldn’t decide if the video was liberating or promoting infidelity. While I agree to certain points too but the disagreement at various sections just overshadowed the little weight that this video had.

    I didn’t empowered at all.


    • A regular Indian girl! says:

      Yup.. Not empowered at all. Infact, Vogue is totally against some of the things they let Deepika mention in the video. Take for example – my choice to be size zero or fifteen. Now, show me one example where vogue has used size 15 models because well – they also have to cater to all women right? And empowerment my foot! They don’t empower at all. Their magazines are nothing but glossy advertisements of hourglass figures, flawless skins and of how you can’t be successful without clothes and accessories that cost more than your income!!!!

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  4. Bilna Sandeep says:

    While I wouldn’t say it was good or the best thing ever made, I have a feeling most criticisms about the video I read have missed out one thing! We are all saying the video do not cover all kinds of women in India. We say most women in India do not want to have sex outside marriage! True that! The video doesn’t at all say women want to have sex outside marriage! In fact it says about the freedom of choice we have. I do not know if the makers of the video intended it that way! But I would love to interpret it as “respect the women who choose you inspite of all other choices out there” it doesn’t say all women are privileged to have her own choice! It talks about empowerment! It says women should be empowered enough to choose for herself! It’s mainly the “sex outside marriage” that invited all the hyper criticism from many!!


    • A regular Indian girl! says:

      When I first read all the criticism, I thought it must have been misdirected towards this one single point too. But its not just that. The tone of the video somehow seems to be conveying that women can do what they want, when they want and how they want – it is their choice and their can be no questions asked. Not just sex outside of marriage. Take getting pregnant for example, which the video goes on to say is solely the woman’s choice. I differ there too. What about the man? Something like this should be decision of two and not one person involved. Either discuss before marriage whether you want kids or not and walk through that or don’t hold back on your words.

      There are also things like coming and going as you please, love temporary or lust forever, to empathise or to be indifferent, etc. The tone is not correct.

      Empowerment here should mean getting equal power to the ones who are not yielded any. Not empowering them above others. The key of equality is missing.

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  5. anawnimiss says:

    If you were to watch it on mute, you’d totally miss the point. With the hair flowing all over the screen and the flawless skin, I thought it looked more like a skin/hair product commercial. Also, most of the women in the video were the “cosmo” type, if you know what I mean. And “I am the universe” my ass! Given Deepika’s forced dialogue delivery, I think the universe is cringing right now.

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    • A regular Indian girl! says:

      hahaha I am sorry but I laughed out real loud at the mention of your ass!! 😉 Yes, it could have definitely passed as a commercial. And now that I think of it, a lot of women were the cosmo type! But I still loved it mute.

      Strangely, I find so many women on my facebook feed going gaga over the video like the best thing ever made! I even saw a lot of statuses which went “You are my choice, I am not your privilege!” Yes, we hear one intelligent-seeming sentence and cannot help reposting it! Duh!

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  6. Prajakta says:

    “When you cover 99 kinds of faces in your video, how do you address only the select 1/10th of women in the audio? ” Excellent!
    And I didn’t like even the bindi and rings and surname line. It seemed like a threat to men. That watch out and you better keep me happy. Rubbish video! I want to listen to REAL women facing every day struggles!


    • A regular Indian girl! says:

      I thought the whole video was somehow threatening! I said that line was sensible only because most of the women don’t like hanging jewels on their bodies and have to do so only to appease the pati parmeshwar! 😛 So, at some level, a lot of women would connect to that. Haha.. I agree with “watch out and you better keep me happy” 😛 I keep waiting for video of real women with real problems giving out real perspectives but that never comes!!

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