Cricket, hopes and downfalls?

I remember the World Cup of 2003. I was a crazy Indian team fan then. I had a lucky shorts & tee combination which I wore everytime India played. The way we crushed all other teams (barring Aus of course), I was hopeful we will continue the same in Final.

But they broke my heart! It was a nightmare. That final. And I remember crying silently on my pillow that night. My first heart-break was not a relationship. It was 2003 world cup final.

Then came 2007. I will refrain from commenting anything because we all know how we were humiliated against Bangladesh. *shudder*

2011 – Hmm.. It was Sachin’s last world cup and in India. I remember all the matches like the back of my hand! The euphoria of that win! The screams! And those midnight firecrackers! But that was expected because the matches were played in India.

Now comes 2015. The crazy fan in me has sobered. I think practically. Rationally. My expectations have completely altered.

I think Pakistan will crush us. We win. Relief

What if we lose against SA? We win. Relief

I think Gayle will murder us. We win. Relief

I think Bangladesh will repeat 2007. We win. Relief

None of the matches were close calls. We won. Safely.

Now comes Australia. The sledging team. The team against which India is known to stumble. We are just too scared of them. I joke in office that we’re going to lose. I prepare myself. Of course, we can’t win against Australia in Australia. I think I know we’re going to lose and it won’t affect me. I think I am practical and rational.

I am delusional. Yes, that’s exactly what I am.

Because here I am biting my nails and silently crying on my desk because we are chasing 329 and Dhawan, Kohli, Rohit and Raina – all of them broke my heart – again! Nostalgia is a bitch. It is reminding me of 2003 again and again. And here we are, tumbling one after the other back to the dressing room!

Dear God. I thought you were fair. I thought I prayed after 2003 to make me immune to India losing matches. I thought we agreed you’ll do that. 😦

Dear Dhoni. I thought you are leading us. And if I keep hoping for the opposite, you’ll again and again prove yourself just to stubbornly show that you can win matches for India. 😦

Dear RIG. Just stop blabbering and get back to work. 😦


20 thoughts on “Cricket, hopes and downfalls?

    • A regular Indian girl! says:

      Times Now is crap. And Arnab is just another loudmouth trying to grab attention. But he got too far this time it seems. Shame on the media man! But thankfully, this time I see a lot of sensible supporters who are crying out foul at hypocrites! The stupidest thing was to blame Anushka! Failure of 11 men blamed on a spectator? Seriously?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Samjoth says:

        Oh my..
        true that she was put to blame.. And twitter feed was really foul till the evening,
        But was happy that at-least there were sensible people who went on with #ShameOnTimesNow trend..!!!
        And Arnab…!!! OMG..!!

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  1. Miss Maqsood says:

    Tbh, I had zero hopes ZERO when world cup began considering team’s performance in the tri-series and to bounce back from that n win 7 matches back to back, I love the current Indian team. We played well, we could have been better but someone had to lose. I know its heart breaking but shrugs but i am soo sooo proud to have come this far! And Dhoni is ❤
    So yeahh buries her face in the pillow and cries

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  2. Soumya Chakraborty says:

    It’s not fair that we blame it on Kohli and Raina. Because apparently, they too were on a leave to watch the semi-finals. Also, I’m happy for New Zealand. For the first time in the history of cricket the Kiwis will be playing with 1.3 billion people cheering for them.


    • A regular Indian girl! says:

      There were a lot of expectations from Kohli. Even more than from Dhoni or Raina.. I know one bad strike and you’re out. And I don’t blame it on a single player. It is more due to our team’s fright of facing Australia than anything else. By no means, theirs was a better team. India is equally good. But our fright! Yes, happy for Kiwis but I aas cheering for Proteas! 😦 Now I have no one to cheer for in the finals!


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