8 reasons why following Thought Catalog / Quartz is not such a great idea.

  1. They post 1000000000000000 posts a day which makes makes your news feed a tad too crowded for your taste.
  2. Of the above 1000000 are list posts which are on totally random topics you don’t even want to care about
  3. Of the total posts they post, only 2-3 a week are what you’d be interested in
  4. Did I mention they crowd your news feed?
  5. You are always worried you missed posts of your favorite bloggers and have to visit each of them individually and then, you end up reading your favorite posts on their blog. Again. Not that it doesn’t interest me, but that it is very stalker-ish.
  6. While you try not to worry too much about missing posts, you actually miss one. Duh!
  7. They have totally amazing pictures for their post which make you feel intrigued, but it turns out you are not interested in 25 ways to mend a broken heart or tall people on why being tall is no big deal or what it will cost you if you become a US ambassador. (Ok, I was interested in today’s post “why having a chocolate croissant everyday is a good diet plan! Om nom nom!! Yumm!!)
  8. Oh yeah. They crowd your news feed.

So sorry thought catalog and quartz. I am unfollowing you. No offense.


6 thoughts on “8 reasons why following Thought Catalog / Quartz is not such a great idea.

  1. Priya says:

    I’m considering unfollowing anyone who takes up a one-month challenge to write daily. For the same reasons. No offense, but it’s like being stuck with a constantly chattering person on a long flight. You get to the point where you are tempted to jump off the plane.

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