Sometimes, I want a fairytale ending!!!


Yes, well so much for believing in no happy endings and happily every afters and fairytale like stories! So I read Princess Diaries. All 10 of them!! In 3 days. By sacrificing my night sleep. And I don’t regret it! I loved the happy ending! And now I am eager for the last part “Royal Wedding” that comes in June.

I love Mia and Michael’s pair. And even Lilly though she was a bit too judgmental for my taste. The plot of the books is pretty different from the one in movies. And now I can say, the movies suck! They let Michael be lost into oblivion just after the first part! And there is so much more to Michael than shown in the movie.

The movie was all about her being a Princess and abundant wealth and palaces but the books were much more than that! I mean I did love that amazing wardrobe room of Princess Mia they showed in Part II of the movies and I was hyperventilating with pure jealousy when she opened the shoe drawers with a remote control and then those tiaras! *swoon* But hey, even a Princess has much more to do than just roam around in a closet full of amazing clothes, shoes and accessories right? Just like any other person!

Oh I loved the books. Too much. But I am supposed to be an independent woman who does not believe in fairy tales. But I so want to!!! Do you know what I mean?

This may be an after-effect of reading the book which may worn out in a couple of days but I still wanted to let it be known that I am a fairy-tale girl!! ❤


21 thoughts on “Sometimes, I want a fairytale ending!!!

  1. nerdlovewords says:

    I am NOT into chicklit. But please, The Shopaholic Series and The Princess Diaries Series are an absolute must. Also, Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.

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  2. Hopeful Writer says:

    who doesn’t love a happy ending? lets face it , life sucks some times. escaping into a book with a happy ending dares you to hope.
    i haven’t read princess diaries. will check it out. in my experience movies are never as good as the book

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