The fateful night of Ouija Board

Someone in my friends just sent me a link of horrifying stories of supernatural experiences! And I was transported to another night that now seems ages ago!

To those who don’t know what an Ouija Board is (because I did not know it is called that), it is this:



For those who still don’t know what it is, what can I tell you other than: you have had the most innocent (read: inexperienced / living in a well?)Β childhood ever! I mean who in their school days has not tried doing something with this?

Sorry. It is a board which you use to call spirits. Most (all) of us don’t have such professional looking boards (is it even a profession?!) and it is generally the last page of your school notebook with scribbled alphabets, numbers, yes, no and goodbye on it. And we also used to draw a circle in the middle of the page, which was used to put a coin or even better, the school group badge πŸ˜›

Then, we used to light a candle and place it near the page. Put all our fingers on the little coin and will some spirit to come!

Our first try was a total flop. Since, we were trying for the first time, we thought why not call someone nice, like Mahatma Gandhi! But, the Father of our nation is a busy guy even in death and did not grace us with his presence!

We also tried calling other good people like Mother Teresa and Bhagat Singh (we were obsessed with freedom fighters)Β but all in vain. I remember a heavy discussion into whether we can call Hitler (after all, we’re not jews and he was using our Swastika) but we later concluded that he might not understand Indian English, or might be too far away (May be only Indian spirits responded?)

Then one night (It was the night before our Social Studies exam in pre-boards in school. Obviously, we were pretty damn jobless and free) we thought enough with callingΒ souls we want. Lets also put a picture of God nearby, open the windows, switch off the lights (may be the spirits were afraid of lights like we were afraid of dark?) and let any random ‘good’ spirit come. We were at a friend’s place (Lets call her K) and she arranged the things in the living room, ensured all her family were fast asleep.

At midnight, we thought its the right time. So we switched off the lights and started the act. All eyes closed, fingers on the coin, all of us willing a ‘good’ spirit to come talk to us.

Suddenly, the coin vibrates. *eyes open and excitement*

We ask the soul its name. And it replies “P-O-P-A-T”.

(Please don’t laugh guys – Popat is a very common name of oldies in Gujarat! And one Popatbhai had expired in K’s locality just a few days back!!!)

Next question. Do you miss living? (See, we were very considerate). Reply comes “N-O” (He was keeping very ill)

Next question. Do you know any of us? Reply “A-L-L”

And the coin started vibrating violently for a minute. Then stopped. We were shit-scared.

Next question. Are you angry? “Y-E-S”

Damn it! K was livid.Β I told you its not a good idea. Popat uncle disliked my family. He always stared at me angrily.

And then, M could control no more. (Another friend). She started laughing violently. Turns out it was she who was playing the prank to scare K!!!!! πŸ˜€

Of course, we all (except K) turned smarter and told “Of course we knew it was you M. We could see you smiling that evil smile”!!

God! That was one scary experience till we knew it was a prank!!!

So, how about you guys? Share your stories. I know many of you must have tried it!!!



22 thoughts on “The fateful night of Ouija Board

  1. Samjoth says:

    Twice I have tried it..!!!!!
    But the arrangement was different both the times, and the “master” was experienced..!!!
    The second time, we were caught (it was against the rules of the hostel) and were heavily fined..!!
    But the happenings when we tried were creepy once..!!

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    • A regular Indian girl! says:

      No, I think not. One night me and cousins were discussing this topic till wee hours of morning and we all wanted to give it a shot. We were pretty thick in our heads to discuss this while our parents were asleep in the adjoining room (where the sound travels pretty easily.) One of my cousin’s dad called us the next day and told us to NEVER EVER do something like that. Apparently, they did it when they were young and had some experience which left them shaken.

      We had concluded then that he was just trying to scare us off but today, it still makes me think whether that was not the case?!


  2. Bikramjit says:

    well well I think we should not mess with something that we dont understand .. and something out there is surly there ..

    I have had a expereicne which i am still figuring if true or someone played a trick ..

    but i do believe that if there is natural then there is a unnatural tooo ..

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