Story of all mommies!!

This is exactly what happens when I arrange things nowadays! And I am sure this happens with my mother in law too, who takes care of Happy while we’re at work!!

Just last week, I took it up to sweep below the bed and out comes a smashed tomato! Put strategically behind my weighing scale so I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise!!!

Yesterday, was cleaning up the store-room and found Happy’s glass which I was looking for since a week, a bottle with cap missing, head of a doll murdered heartlessly (he still roams around with her headless body) and all of this – behind the wheat sack. *rolls eyes*

No matter how many times I try and arrange his cupboard, I find it messed up with utter disregard for my hard-work! 😦

Last sunday, I had washed a huge pile of clothes and was hanging them in the balcony. The little devil comes along with his headless doll, puts her aside and starts throwing the clothes from the basket down the balcony!! *horror* I noticed only after few of his cleanly washed socks and tees were thrown down! And he was looking at me with big eyes waiting for me to laugh out loud. Which I did. Before rushing downstairs to rescue the clothes!

Oh Happy, what do I do with you kid? You make me tired and in fits of laughter at the same time!!!! ❤


30 thoughts on “Story of all mommies!!

  1. Ranju says:

    Oh my cupboard used to be messed up too. My favorite hobby was cutting my dolls’ hair. I still regret chopping off a mermaid’s hair every week expecting it to grow until I saw the scalp neatly arranged with hair from gaping holes. That was when the reality struck me. 😛

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  2. RAMAN says:

    Another of my friend was discussing her SHAITAN child with me. But one day, when child fell ill and didn’t move from Sofa, she started crying. She blogged, she confessed that she want that old devil back.

    As long as Kid is a devil, he is good , he is doing fine. Am I making any sense? May god keep the young baby healthy and your work keep expanding :p

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