Why Is Aamir Khan Such a Pretentious Prick

Mr. Perfectioninst turns out to be a big hypocrite! Here’s an antidote to the over-exposure to harmful Amirism! 😛

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Once upon a time in India, Lagaan released.

The film was a smash hit, was sent as our choice for the Oscars (but couldn’t win, as the jury grew old and died during the interval) and Aamir Khan suddenly became the thinking man’s conscience.

The guy who would never attend film awards because he didn’t believe in them, suddenly seemed to be jumping up and down the red carpet, promoting his film. But of course, he was doing it for the nation.

When Lagaan lost out to No Man’s Land, Aamir Khan told the press that the other film deserved to win. When I saw it, said Khan, I knew that it was better than ours.

From that moment on, Aamir Khan has somehow projected and marketed himself as the voice of the nation/youth/continent/solar system. And it’s fucking annoying.


Alright, so he chooses to do one movie at a time, reads his…

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11 thoughts on “Why Is Aamir Khan Such a Pretentious Prick

  1. Bikramjit says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm weird people say all this about him and YET rush to watch all his movies and shows and what not ..
    I wonder who the hypocrite is ..

    I am yet to also Find someone who will Allow the language used on the show by the so called celebrties in their own homes.. I wonder how the ssme people will react if their own kids are TAUGHT such language in school .. or they come home speaking such a language

    I wonder who the hypocrite Really are ..


    • A regular Indian girl! says:

      I think there is a difference between not appreciating his hypocrisy views and going to watch his movies. People (even if they are not his fans) do like watching good movies. So if Amir makes a good movie and someone watches it, does it make the person obligated to agree to all his views? I don’t think so.

      And regarding the language used on the show, as far as I remember (and my memory is pretty darn good), it started with disclaimers (yes, plural) saying that the language was offensive, insulting and the show was meant for adults who can take such kind of jokes only. The disclaimers were more than necessary. Adults are supposed to be mature enough to understand that if you find something offensive, you can gladly change the channel, or in this case, press the little red cross on top right corner of their PCs.

      I cannot comment for each and every person out there but personally, I don’t and wouldn’t mind sharing adult jokes with other consenting adults. My kid speaking it at age 1 would be unacceptable but the show wasn’t meant for him either. And in any case, just as you can change the channel, you can ask the person using “adult” language to please refrain from doing so because you don’t like it, if thats the case. It is as simple as that. And besides, the debate is not about whether the show was good or not. The debate is about freedom of speech. Whether, as adults, you are able to behave as one and accept that while you don’t agree with someone, they have a right to say what they want in a suitable environment.

      Also, hypocrite is someone who preaches and acts differently. Like Amir did for Delhi Belly and AIB. Not someone who doesn’t agree with Amir’s views and still watches his movies or someone who supports freedom of speech but still doesn’t like AIB Roast.

      I was going to write these are my 2 cents, but obviously they are more than 2 😛 So, won’t mention.


      • Bikramjit says:

        Hello Again.

        right , I totally understand what you are saying BUT what I am saying is even if the show came with a DIsclaimer.. it does not give anyone a RIGHT to say anything with a Discalimer.

        Celebreties doing this .. People follow them , They have a responsibility..

        HONEY singh the singer had sung sleazy song and he was taken to COURT for that .. but the language the actors used was much more atrocious even if it came with a disclaimer.

        Freedom of speech YES.. BUT is it .. Really..

        Talking such sleazy language makes it freedom of speech, then I guess anyone can come up to anyone and say anything after all its freedom of speech and if it comes with a disclaimer then it is more OK.

        Adults are supposed to be mature BUT are you seriously telling me the language used by the Actors who are in a positiion where people look up to them .. THAT language is MATURE.

        yes we can change the channel.. but I did not see it on a channel, i saw bits of it on facebook-whatsapp-you tube etc etc are we going to put a stop for Kids under 16 to see this ..

        as I mentioned in the previous comment – IF this language was used by any one it would have created a chaos..

        Thank you for the explanation of a hypocrite , I guess I am the biggest one .. But then I do it with a disclaimer so it should be ok.

        AAMIR khan is in news because he is a celbrity any tom dick or harry saying the exact words that AAMIR has said no one would have said a word.. HENCE coming back to my thought .. being a celebrity the same freedom of speech has given the right to aamir khan to say what he thinks .. WHY is that wrong then …


        • A regular Indian girl! says:

          Bikramjit, going by that logic, the first things to get banned should be porn right? Because the content is not suggestive as in the case of AIB but downright explicit! Videos of people doing things we got offended by listening about! Are you in favour of banning porn? Do you think porn is not easily accessible on youtube or by other means to kids? If you think kids of today’s generation are innocent like Ganga, please wake up. They know more about sex than some adults do! (And by this, I don’t mean that such videos or roasts should be available openly to kids. I am just trying to make a point that kids / adults who want to watch porn / such videos will watch it anyhow. Whether they are available freely or not won’t be such a big issue for them.)

          And why exactly do you think that those actors did not behave responsibly? They sold tickets to consenting adults who bought them knowing fully well that the content was abusive and insulting. They put up the video on youtube where you have to login from an id aged > 18 years. If some people chose to upload bits of it on whatsapp and facebook and other social media where it could be easily accessible by kids, was it really the fault of AIB or those uploaders?

          I think Honey Singh’s songs were aired publicly without such restrictions and hence, he got booked. I think so. I am not aware of that episode because may be I was living under the well during that time!

          I am not calling you a hypocrite. If my reply intended so, I am really sorry.

          Nobody would have said a word to tom, dick and harry because the world does not know that tom, dick and harry earlier approved of similar language to their benefit, right? Aamir does have freedom of speech. Who is stopping him? The issue I and probably the writer of this post has with Aamir is that he favored such language and explicit scenes for his movie Delhi Belly. To quote him “I have already informed my audiences that it is an adult film. Please do not go with your kids and those who have a problem with this kind of language shouldn’t come either. I try my best to inform the audiences before-hand. Then they can decide themselves. If the audience is adult, they can decide themselves. So from my end I do all these things for my fans.” Hence, it is wrong. Double standards. Not his freedom of speech.


              • Bikramjit says:

                Its not that .. yes we can agree to disagree because that too is a RIGHT we both have 🙂

                I dont like going on and on .. about the same point. I am a blunt straight person if i dont like anything I say it , that way I FEEL it .

                and my views about the show and the celebreties who did the show are my own and to me it is WRONG, I would not use such filthy language and neither would they , Saying that it was a stand up comedy.. well it was not , I am sure you can agree to that too, just saying some filthy lines does not make it a comedy.

                my sole problem is these celebrities doing it , those who have a responsibility , if they dont think it that way I cant change it .

                Rest as you said is up to an individual.. I will never accept the use of language to be right adult or not adult, disclaimer or no disclaimer .. freedom of speech or no freedom ..

                its the PEOPLE who have put them on that pedestial that they were invited to do the show.. if we did not give them the fame they would be nothing and no one would bother looking at them .. hence they do have some sense of responsibilities..

                Those are my beliefs 🙂

                right or wrong they are mine and HEY I am sure I have that right he he he he 🙂


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