Bucket list

I have wanted to do a bucket list post for a long time now. The thing is I have lazy fingers and dreamy soul. The moment I write #1 in my bucket list, the soul starts wandering away, thinking of all the things in #1 and there goes my time… Phew. I hope I succeed this time.

Fun fact you might not be interested in but I shall tell you anyhow – The term bucket list comes from another term “kick the bucket” which refers to dying. If you thought it originates fromΒ Jack Nicholson/Morgan Freeman – hawww! You got it wrong. It is said to have originated in the middle ages where if a person was executed, he/she was made to stand on an overturned bucket with a noose around their neck. And when the bucket was kicked, the person died. So this term originates from something horrifying!

My bucket list (subject to change without prior notice – the CA in me loves caveatsΒ πŸ˜€ )

1. Disneyland (see my mind has started wandering again and my fingers are itching to google images.. uff!)

2. African safari – I love giraffes!

3. Have a libraryΒ in my home which overlooks our garden with criss-cross shelves, all my favorite books and a beautiful cozy white couch! (Its a bit too much to ask for, I know!)

4. Own a cafe, design it, create recipes and celebrate food!

5. Learn knitting. My mum used to knit like a pro. And I always had the best collection of sweaters. Now she can’t knit that fast because arthritis ruined everything, but I wishΒ I could knit something for Happy someday, even if it is just a sock.

6. Learn driving a motorcycle and go for a road-trip with Simba!

7. A road trip with no fixed destination. Just wake up someday and leave for a few days. I want to do some instinctive trip!

8. Go for Mansarovar yatra.

9. Wardrobe makeover for Simba. I wish I could just dump all his clothes and get him everything new. Not that he doesn’t dress well, but with his personality, he could carry off so much more!

10. Make a snow-man. That looks perfect!

11. Meet Sachin Tendulkar and tell him that no matter the critics – I love you!!

12. Live inΒ a picturesque Italian village for few months. Or years maybe. And grow veggies and fruits and cook!

13. LearnΒ at least 3 more languages.

14. Have all white hair when I grow old and then – learn ball dancing with Simba. πŸ˜›

15. Watch the Republic Day parade – live.

Mmm.. I think have covered most of it. If not, I shall return with Part II πŸ˜€

Do you guys have a bucket list?


69 thoughts on “Bucket list

  1. Milanka's Fine Food says:

    Dear Regular Indian Girl,
    Thank you for stopping by and following my blog. My bucket list, where should I start. 2015 – after 28 years, my husband and I will be returning to Italy to visit the familia in Sicily. In 2016 we are planning to visit India. India has been on our list for some time now. The list goes on! For now enough, more to come later. Thank you and I look forward to reading some more of your posts.


    • A regular Indian girl! says:

      Actually this calls for a confession. During my pregnancy, I got crochet hooks and yarn and books – purchased them adamantly and accused Simba of being a miser when he reminded me of my previous glorious attempts at doing things which were lying in some corner of the house. Eventually, I could not find time during my pregnancy because of office and other pre-occupations (read: day-dreaming) and gifted the hooks, yarn and books to mom with a command to keep something ready for Happy for next year because she can’t knit / crochet fast. But she can knit through the year πŸ˜› I am such a bad daughter sometimes and she is such a darling mom!!

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  2. Priya says:

    It’s amazing how many people dream of the same things!:)
    We have 3, 7, 9, 12, and 14 in common!
    3 – I have a book shelf with a chair placed next to it, in the corner of EVERY room in my house. I LOVE to be surrounded by books:) But no library room …. that is such a lovely, whimsical thought:) I like Story Teller’s description of the rain swept patio and swing!
    7 – Not yet, although my hubby’s sense of direction often makes me feel that way:)
    9 – For years I’ve tried and tried and almost gave up. Recently, got him well cut Calvin Klein jeans for his birthday and he wore them and looked great! So, there’s hope.
    12 – Visited Italy and like you, I wanted to just drop my bags and never come back:) Sadly, I had to:)
    14 – My husband and I are both in 40s, we both have a bit of grey hair, I color mine but fall behind sometimes, he doesn’t, and we love to dance. So there! That one has been achieved:)

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  3. tahiraalexander says:

    I’m definitely with you on 13! Um I would really love to sky dive. Ride an elephant. I gotta have library in my house and a music room with a white baby grand piano. And corvette for every day of the week. Swim with a whale. See Into the Woods performed live. And (this is the most important) go to Hogwarts


  4. story teller says:

    I have the library dream too! With a room open on one end (that has a glass door partition) , directly over looking a lush green garden and a nice cozy jhula too!

    And the jhula is placed in such a way that when you swing on it and it rains outside, you can feel the little raindrops gently grace your feet and smell the amazing petrichor! πŸ˜€

    I have this 100 point bucket list that i had made like two years ago and it has all the crazy adventures that one can take part in! πŸ˜€

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  5. nancy@thethinkinhat.com says:

    I share your symptom of wandering away too soon. However, we do have few points in common. Like 3,4 and 7.
    I always keep a pen/pencil and small booklet handy. To write down the whims and fancies that keep knocking my head. Makes me feel at peace once written πŸ™‚
    Wish you luck with your list! πŸ™‚

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  6. RAMAN says:

    Ha ha.. If I had written a bucket list, that would also be mostly similar. However, I have tried few of adventures. Like starting d motorcycle and disappear for few days , like living in a remote village of Manali Valley forr 20 days..
    A regular Indian Girl, hugs to your beautiful wishes. May God, fulfill them all. And you ll feel that, some invisible strings have caught us from doing what we like. What are those strings? just find out the answer, and you ll achieve everything.


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