Happy Anniversary Popeye and Olive!!!

So today happens to be the “Happy Anniversary” of my first cousin, Popeye ๐Ÿ˜€

If you don’t know him, may be you should read this. But in short, he is the one I grew up with and grew up adoring!!!

Olive is yet another cartoon in my life! (Quite literally coz she is same as Olive!) We go a long way together, much before she and Popeye were in a relationship! Shopping, idling around, shopping, panipuri contests, shopping, chatting, shopping and harassing Popeye to his wits ends!!!

So I can very easily say that I’ve loved her more than Popeye has ๐Ÿ˜›

Some crazy-ness we have brought about together:

Once Popeye was watching something boring on TV likeย news.ย On a holiday. On an afternoon. Without giving any attention to the beautiful ladies before him. And after several requests, when he denied to switch it off and play cards with us saying he was mard or something silly like that, we gave the mardย a moustache and a french beard to boast about – with a pink pen, ball pen ๐Ÿ˜€ The aftermath of our revenge was that he couldn’t wash it off, scrub it off, anything and had to go to office with visible pink on his face!!!ย ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

Olive is a bargain queen! Once we were shopping for navratri and I really loved loved loved and loved a pink choli! And after 3 hours of shopping, we were left with only 300 between us. The choli was 500. And since it was a week before the Navratri, chances were less that the shopkeeper would bargain. And here she goes “pleaseย bhaiya.ย Give this choli for 300. Mummy gave only so much Rupees. We love it. We will bless you if she gets a good boyfriend by looking beautiful in your choli! Please please blah blah” The fellow was so embarrassed, he packed the choli, took 300 and shooed us out!!! XD

God I miss her! And Popeye! And having all my gang together. It is so much fun! We are a gang of 8 and we used to roam in the city in Popeye’s poor Maruti Altoย (God bless its soul. It is still alive, though old now and cannot carry all of us together!). Sometimes even 10. Go for go karting, hogging, garba, ainvayiย roaming around and having the time of our lives!!

Talking about driving in Alto, I remember one more incident. We were roaming around in the car once – Simba and Popeye in the front, 4 of us on the backseat and Olive and Hobbes (my sister)ย in the car trunk with its door open overhead!!! We were passing through a narrow lane when few dogs saw the weird people and started barking and running after the car!! All of us inside the car were laughing madly and Olive and Hobbes were shouting, screaming, pleading, praying, crying and yelling! The dogs chased after us for about a kilometer and the girls behind were literally howling by the end of it! Imagine sitting in the open trunk with legs dangling out of the car and angry dogs barking and running after you! Sometimes I feel guilty for laughing instead of being shit-scared but then I remember the day and end up laughing again!!!ย ๐Ÿ˜‚

Sometimes I wish I could go back to those days. Sigh!

Anyways, cheers to one of the most beautiful couples I know!


15 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary Popeye and Olive!!!

  1. Priya says:

    You should try this kind of craziness again sometime. Believe me, it’s just as fun, maybe more when you get older. When my best friend and her hubby were in town, we started the weekend with going out for breakfast. Then it was lunching out. Then we hit the beach. Too exhausted to cook on the way home, we stopped for pizza on the way. Next day, the guilt set in. Grocery shopping? Laundry? Cleanup work email? Other weekend errands? Making dental appointments? Buying school supplies? To heck with it all, we decided. Sunday turned out to be just as lazy as Saturday. Sunday evening we were about to say goodbye to the good times when my hubby suggested, “Let’s finish with a bang. Let’s go see a movie.” And that’s just what we did! We were like kids getting each other into more and more mischief. The funny thing is, at the beginning of the weekend, my hubby was feeling a little guilty, but my friend and I were like, “C’mon it’ll be fun! let’s do it, let’s go, let’s loosen up!” and dragging the guys along. By Sunday night, my hubby was worse than us!:) If you can’t lick them, join them, I guess!:)

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