How we stereotype

I was going through some time-pass website and came across a collection of pictures in which little kids were asked grown-up questions. Here are a few of them. What do you think:


If two people like the same stuff, they’re not supposed to get the chips and dip together before the match begins. It has to be a ‘she’ who has to keep them coming!


This one of those lame jokes about women wanting to be complimented even when they look bad!


That it has to be a guy who has to be rich. Meaning he has to be the earning person, the responsible one! Its ok if women are not.


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36 thoughts on “How we stereotype

  1. Priya says:

    Every one of these is a dangerous stereotype and all stereotypes are harmful to both girls and boys-
    – girl gets the dip while boy watches sports
    – girl looks for complements and is dependent on boy to feel good about herself
    – girl waits for rich husband, doesn’t make her own mark on the world
    – boys don’t clean up after themselves, coz that’s what girls are for

    Notice one more stereotype?
    The African American (or African English or other nationality) boy is asked about sports.


    • A regular Indian girl! says:

      Oh yes, I didn’t earlier, now I do!!!

      These boys and girls kind of stereotypes just piss me off to no end, though. That is probably because we see them happening daily. The one you mentioned must be equally revolting to those affected!


  2. Soumya Chakraborty says:

    A newly wed couple meets “his” relatives for the first time.
    Relative 1: “Awww…”
    Relative 2: “Sukhi rakho bacchon…”

    Later, in the absence of the duet.
    Relative: “Doesn’t she look older to him?”
    Relative 2: “Samjhega. Time aane do.”


  3. Saya says:

    It basically shows how kids are getting matured at such a little age…which is a bit sad. If kids this age start thinking like this, from where will we get new thinkers..


  4. story teller says:

    It basically shows the mental conditioning that we go through since a very small age to make sure that us ‘stature’ is never forgotten.
    After all thanks to repeated learning that we are constantly reminded of the same, its like reinforcing an age old belief and retarding one’s brain so that they never question these conventions of the society.

    I’m pretty sure if indian kids were asked the same the list would be like-
    1) men aren’t supposed to cook, clean the house and indulge in domestic chores.
    2) ones who don’t get through iit, medical entrances and CA are the good for nothings who end up in time pass professions like art and working for NGOs.
    3) if women are educated, it is solely to get them married to ‘good’ guys. They still belong to their husbands and in-laws.
    4) just because our parents have provided us with roti, kapda and makaan means that we are to listen to them at every step of ours lives and are forever indebted to them, the only way to any pay back would be to fulfill their unfulfilled dreams and ambitions.
    5) girls are not allowed to love and go for love marriages, it is in ones best interest to marry a complete stranger and put the samaj’s ideals on a pedestal. And if you are burnt, killed, beaten up for the same then you probably deserved it.
    6) women rights?! Are you nuts?! How dare you as a woman ask for any rights! Its your duty to be at the mercy of your father, brother, any other random ‘male’ member in your family.
    7) men must earn more than their wives! Or else you are a good for nothing man and do not display public affection or agree with your wife or else you will be called a joru ka ghulam and your wife probably used black magic to wrap you around on her little finger. Afterall, who loves their wife!?

    These are a few that bounced off from the top of my head..will add to the list ones i have other ideas too!

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