I am back!!

Hi all! I am back from the wonderful trip to Madhya Pradesh!

It is such a beautiful place! I think we under-rate India as a place of travel too much! India indeed has a variety to offer for travel enthusiasts! MP has never been charted well on the travel map of India. It has always been Kashmir, Kerala, Goa and few cities here and there! But hey, I went to MP to find that it is only under-publicised!

The parks I visited – Kanha National Park and Bandhavgarh National Park are well maintained. Or at least better maintained than we expect them to! The locals have started supporting the park, knowing that many of them get employment (as naturalists, guides, etc. in the park / the nearby resorts coming due to the park). Poaching is negligible. Wildlife is in a better place than it used to be 10 years ago and there are organisations interested in promoting wildlife and preserving the sanctuaries!

We managed to click a few good pictures (still learning) and will put them up in coming days. Only, there was no network (mobile / internet) in those places and hence, could not upload them right away! In a way, no network happened to be a boon! Me and Simba spent time to ourselves, explored the villages, went cycling, bird-watching and talking to the naturalists in the hotels who had wonderful stories to tell about tigers in those parks!

So how did you all celebrate the 31st? Me and Simba were in train, on our way back surrounded by snoring men!! hahaha.. Had an amazing trip though..!


32 thoughts on “I am back!!

  1. Dipti says:

    “surrounded by snoring men” ahahah 😀 Happy new year! looks like you had a wonderful trip. You should come to chhattisgarh if you like natural beauty 🙂


  2. Tatsat says:

    I toured MP with 5 wingmates from college ( two of them were from MP,so that helped ) back in 2007 and that was my exact same response 🙂 We underrate what we have and glorify what we don’t have.

    Will wait for some pictures

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