One year of Happy-ness :)

Dear Happy!

Its been a year of happyness with you! I have heard lot many tales of children being generally difficult and pregnancy being beaten left right and center to get things done in typical Hindi movies (“meine tumhe nau mahine apne pet mein pala hai” types!). I was pretty amazed being pregnant because you were so much fun!

I had a very comfortable pregnancy! None of the retching vomiting fainting or craving stuff happened. Infact, until my belly started swelling, Simba was pretty sure the doc is getting it wrong and I was not pregnant! I remember your nudges and your movements, it always amazed me beyond measure! I remember giving a gentle nudge to the place where doc said your legs would be in the last month and receiving a gentle nudge back – our first game together!

And you don’t cease to amaze me even now because you are such an easy child to be with. You love us, love spending time with us, make us laugh with your antics and just thinking about you on a cold winter morning in office gives me such warmth, I could swear its magic!! I hardly find myself complaining of lack of sleep or fatigue! You wake up smiling and you sleep with a smiling face!

I remember the first time you smiled, the first time you called me “mummaaay”, the first time you walked towards me, the first time you bit me! The times you know you are being funny deliberately and look at my face expecting me to laugh out! The times you walk towards the door knowing that its me who has returned from work! The times you look around in a room full of people with confused eyes and the moment you see me, you smile that dazzling million dollar smile and run to me!

I love being your mum! I love being called “mummaaaay” in a sing-song way! I love you voice, your smell and your aura. You give me warmth and strength. You bring me and Simba closer than we were! You are my life! I feel so blessed for the year that has gone by!

I am usually a person shying away from clichΓ©s! But this one here takes my heart away –Β A child gives birth to a mother! And its been a year of being a mum, your mum! I am so proud!!! πŸ˜€ ❀


29 thoughts on “One year of Happy-ness :)

  1. Saya says:

    what a line…a child gives birth to a mother..congrats to you..whats the name of your baby..if you don’t mind sharing..or we can call him Kovu πŸ˜‰


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