I Wish I Was Raped

I went numb for minutes after reading this!! Such a brilliantly written post!

Soumya Chakraborty


Based on a true incident…
~ Prologue ~


I feel a lot of it, as I lie down on the floor, staring endlessly into the dullness of the fluorescent light that dangles from the ceiling. My eyes follow the swing of the light and then stop somewhere in between when I realize this is my last night in prison. And the more I try to avoid the thoughts that pour in, I feel as if I’m losing myself amidst a labyrinth of memories that have distorted my sense of reality for the past seven years.

~ 07/07/2007 (Seven Years Back) ~

God created the heavens and the Earth in seven days. It is said that there are seven layers to the skies, and it is rumoured that when the day matches the month, and month matches the year, a positive energy is released. They say that the number seven resonates…

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