The elusive Tibetian Refugee Market!

Winter happens to be my favoritestest season for two reasons. #1 I love winter clothes, just love them! And #2 Its my birthday season!

I am one of those people who gift themselves on their birthday! And my customary birthday shopping includes a trip to the Tibetian Refugee Market!

At the cost of sounding like a brand ambassador, I love the winter wear in these markets because you get amazing options, lots of colors at much lesser price than the monte-carlo fame and of course, cute vendors who make me smile!! Yay!

So this year, I’ve been pestering Simba since about three weeks to take me to the Tibetian Market! And the graceful occasion of shopping came yesterday! Simba was in charge of locating where the market is. In our city, they keep changing places to cover the city and hence, I call them elusive!

He called me in the afternoon with one address, in the evening with another and finally, we went to a completely different address in late evening!

Got two polka dotted scarves and a jacket! Yay! I am a happy girl today!!! πŸ˜€



Did I mention, I am in love with polka dots this season!!!!


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