Simba’s first poetry for me!!!

So as usual, I was fumbling through old emails of mine and found this precious poetry Simba wrote for me after we got engaged!

You are my love,
You are my life;
What could have I asked for?
Than such a wonderful wife…!
You are the wife I had always dreamt of;
Your every touch makes me feel divine!
Just hold my hand, and I am all yours,
Can i ask – Will u be all mine!??
My day begins wid u;
So does my eve 😉
Could not have been better;
Pure as you are, like the drops of dew!!
Its just the beginning,
And I am enjoying it all;
Decades to come,
My love for u will always stand tall!
The smiles, the blushes and the fall of the lid,
The signs these are that make me feel special!
All that matters is your love for me;
God is the witness, theres nothing artificial.
The hugs and the kisses, 
They are so warm;
I witness the happiness,
Standing in the swarm!
The feels that you give;
The emotions that you share;
You are a princess,
How would I not care??!
Be what you are,
And I would love you even more;
Waiting for you,
Restless to the core! 😦


Ain’t I one of the luckiest around??? 😀 😀


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