Me and forgetfulness!

I can’t say that I am ‘suffering’ from forgetfulness but I am not enjoying it either! I don’t know why but I keep on forgetting things!

Simba tells me it is because my mind is always wandering somewhere. ALWAYS. Either I am living in the past reliving old memories or thinking about the future. He says I am never in the present. May be he’s right.

Just another day, mum had kept the milk on kitchen counter and asked me to put it in the fridge when I went to my room. I told her yes I will, went to the kitchen, drank water, filled mine and Simba’s glasses of water and LEFT! I forgot to put it in the fridge in a span of 2 freaking minutes!! God help me!

I forget my mobile phone on my desk, leave my scooter keys dangling in the scooter for the whole day, forget medicines, forget things while packing my bag for trips, forget getting the scooter fueled and have to drag it to a pump, you get it right?

I am just forgetful. I think the part of my brain that is supposed to remember things is fused! It doesn’t work, or may be, doesn’t exist!

Simba has told me at least 5 times last week that his mug in the office is broken and I need to get him a new one but well… I still forget to and he has to use the disposable plastic ones which burn your hands if you are having hot beverages! This is just too much!

But I think this (bad) habit of mine comes from another (bad) habit of mine – laziness. Yeah.. I have it all. o_O If I have forgotten something, it doesn’t affect me at all. If I forget a pair of clothes, I wear the same things twice. If I forget my keys, I pray that they are dangling there and remain so till the lecture ends or till I can go and retrieve it but I also think about the second key somewhere and how I can go home and get it. If I forget mobile phone, I am fine, I don’t miss it so much. If the tea is too hot, I can use 2 or even 3 disposables together to save my hands from burning. I cover my forgetfulness by my laziness!

See, two minuses do make a plus for me. 😀 But it doesn’t do the same for others who are affected by my forgetfulness.

Phew! Now I can breathe again. Wanted to get it out of me! 🙂

What are your quirks? Anyone ‘suffering’ like I do?? 🙂


16 thoughts on “Me and forgetfulness!

  1. christybharath says:

    forgetfulness is like disproportionate stuff to deal with in my life too. i m one of those “dammit where are my keys, i am late for EVERYTHING…oh there they are, in my hand, nevermind i was just kidding” dishonest guys who quietly panics about old age and senility later.:D

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    • A regular Indian girl! says:

      Hahaha!! Yes we should call them qualities right? Who decides they are good or bad? 😛

      On another note, I am lazy at proof-reading too.. I just write and write and then go publish! I seldom proof read. And when I see that little orange mark on top-right of my screen, I rush to read the post and the comment and realise that I have made oodles of mistakes that need correction! Happens a lot of times! Lol..

      Btw, your writing is very fluid. I have never thought “this is a long paragraph!”. Its just the way you write..Very absorbing posts! 🙂


    • A regular Indian girl! says:

      Wow so it is possible to come out of it eh?! I am into this forgetfulness and laziness since ages! I remember carrying all the books to school because 1. I didn’t remember where my school calendar was and 2. I was very lazy to go find it! Some tips for me?? 🙂


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