The World is not for Women- and we have had enough.

Such a powerful post! Much needed.. Thanks for writing this!!

Harmonious Anarchy

I am not going to define feminism for you. Frankly, the majority of reading on the matter lately has begun with the dictionary definition, so if you require one you are probably new to the discussion and might want to do some catching up first. I recommend watching Emma Watson’s address to the United Nations, and for a contrast, you can read here why some women feel they don’t need feminism and are taking a stand against it.

I have kept silent on this issue up to this point, because many other far more eloquent men and women have articulated my opinion on most points far better than I have, and the internet is full of enough mindless arguing without me repeating something that has been said a thousand times before. I also could not bring myself to write any sort of response to the “Women Against Feminism” movement without wanting…

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