Blast from the past – Snippets from my childhood!

So continuing with the “Blast from the Past” series, here is another one! Snippets from my childhood! Earlier, I wrote about the first few weeks of my relationship with Simba (now my husband) here.

Childhood is always a fascinating journey, especially after you’ve crossed over to adulthood, which, in most parts, suck! To me, my childhood seems like a dream that I would love to watch, live, relive every*single*day! Check for yourselves:

Cousin who tried to kill me: Believe me, he really did. I was mere 4 days old and was sleeping in my crib minding my own business when that toddler comes from the temple carrying a piece of coconut offered as prasad that day. And since he was taught that you should share your prasad and thus, blessings with everyone, he tried stuffing that thing in my mouth shouting “eat the prasad, eat prasad, open your mouth, you can’t say no to prasad”!!!!! Thankfully, my grandmom was in a room next to my room, came rushing and took my cousin with his blessings away!! Close call, it was!

Its my tricycle!: Being a first-born, I was quite pampered. For me, if something was mine, it was only mine, it was mine only, it must never appear to be in someone else’s possession, nobody should touch it without my permission and especially the cousin of mine who tried to kill me! So on my first birthday, I was gifted a bright red tricycle. It was mine. Remember the rules? And the day he came for vacations, he wanted a ride on my tricycle! I got the inkling of his evil intentions. And hence, that day, I never left the tricycle. I ate, played, peed, even slept in that tricycle the whole day! Poor fellow got a ride only after I was fast asleep at night and was carried to the bed!

Lets go to office!: This same cousin of mine (lets call him Popeye, because I love both Popeye and him!) and me, we go a long way! All our vacations were in each others company! And we were like a team, inseparable, despite all of the above! So this happened after I learnt to walk. Both of us were playing in the backyard, when grandpa called and told us he’ll meet us in the evening since he was going to office now! Evil minds at work immediately! We knew he caught an auto from an auto stand just outside our lane. So the master plan of sneaking out was hatched! Grandpa left. In sometime everyone got busy in their work. Mom started taking us in for a bath. Just then, the veggie-vendor came along and mom rushed outside! And we rushed towards the backyard. Opened the creaking gate and started stumbling out towards the auto lane. We didn’t have to cross the front door where mum must have been haggling over prices and hence, there we were, on the auto stand. First, he helped me in, then he climbed in and we both ordered him “opheesh”!  Thankfully, that guy was a regular one in our lane and knew the two monkeys well! So he drove us home!!

Visit to a shok-sabhaNow, I had a friend, as crazy as me, who lived just opposite to my home. Her grandmom and mine were gossip-buddies. And they tagged each other along whenever there was any shok-sabha (a social gathering after someone has passed away) in the neighbourhood. So, we knew that friends go to shok-sabha together, not that we had any inkling of what a shok-sabha is! So one fine evening, we carried our ghastly purses (mine was horror-green and almost twice my size which I used as a teacher-teacher prop!) and walked out of the permitted society-play-area. (Don’t doubt my sneaking-out abilities, I was born super-smart, needless to say growing-up ruined it!) We walked almost three lanes past ours and there was some construction site. (Now, we had heard almost hundred times from both our grannies that when they go to shok-sabha, they sit and talk) So we thought, what better place to sit and talk than a construction site with lots of sand to play with!! I won’t get into much details but our parents were worried sick, dads were called back, a search operation was done, and despite all that, we walked in like queens after our sitting and talking session of three hours!

The almond thieves: This time, I was visiting Popeye in vacation. And they lived in company township which had lots of trees and a particular backyard had several almond trees. The owner was a grumpy-grouchy old fellow who let the birds have the tempting fresh almonds. So we, along with his gang, planned to sneak in and pluck some for ourselves! The boys climbed up the trees and the girls stood below with our frocks pulled forward to catch the almonds that the boys threw from the trees! Unfortunately, around five such campaigns later, we were caught and shooed away with that grumpy old man running after us with a stick in his hand!

There are more!! I think I will need a part two for these snippets!! Meanwhile, I am all ears for some snippets from your awesome childhood 🙂


13 thoughts on “Blast from the past – Snippets from my childhood!

  1. ShethP says:

    Haha! All I can go is, “Seriously?!” Like, seriously? You did all that?! 😛 I was a pretty shy and goody-girl. Your mischievousness though, does make for some great stories! Enjoyed reading your post. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. frillthrills says:

    Hahaha all these stories are so awesome. Especially so because we know how innocent we were while doing it. The best was the Prasad incident. Hahaha!
    Cousins are always incredible fun 😍 when my cousins and I got together we always played a rather nonsensical game of getting up at 3 in the morning and brushing, driniking milk (dont think we boiled it…jesus!) and bathing before the rest of the household woke up. Being stealthy was what gave us such a high. Wierdos! 😂😝

    Liked by 1 person

    • A regular Indian girl! says:

      Hahahaha!!! That is amazing! I don’t think I ever woke up at 3 in my ENTIRE life!! Childhood was 12 in the night to 12 in the noon sleeping time! And we used to sleep on terrace in the summers under the shade of our very own mango tree!! Morning sleep was so much coveted! Oh how I miss sleeping under that tree!!

      Btw, Weird is the new cool 😀

      Cousins are indeed incredible fun!!! ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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