My career preferences!

Some may call me whimsical or arbitrary or plain stupid, but I am yet to find a career that I want to follow when I am 35. Yes, thats the time I shall retire from being a CA and shall go on to do what my heart tells me to 🙂 Simba (my husband) also plans to do the same sooner or later than me. Because well, who wants to work their asses off making presentations after presentations and reports after reports for clients who are earning 1000 times more than you are!! Thats too much of a complex to deal with for the whole of my career!!

So, I am hunting for something to do at 35. And my answers seem childish to Simba. He says its like asking a ten year old “what you want to do when you grow up” because the kid will give a different answer everyday! I don’t agree. My answers may be changing every six months, but that doesn’t mean I am ten year old. *frown*

So let me put up the dilemma to you guys:

#1 A hot-shot interior designer with a little studio office, who designs homes, beautiful homes! I am addicted to homes and dream continuously of designing my own home someday! Splash of pastels with a little dash of bright! Comfortable rooms, inviting baths, small garden, a little patch in the backyard for some home-made veggies / fruits, flower beds, oohh.. I can drool over a nicely designed home.

#2 Owner of a cafe. Which serves little of this and a little of that, all made by me! Cookies and cupcakes and freshly baked breads, paneer tikkas and corn kebabs, bhel and sev-puri, Indian gravies, Italian pastas and Mexican tacos! A simple menu which covers the best of everything and a kitchen that smells heaven, a cafe that gives out happiness!

#3 A travel blogger. Who backpacks to all the beautiful and less visited destinations in our very own beautiful country, India! The jungles of Madhya Pradesh, the sunderbans, the himalayas, the beaches in Kerala and Maharashtra, the Portuguese dwellings in Goa, the elephant rides in Assam and shikara in Kashmir! I want to explore India, Incredible India!

#4 A cooking site owner, with a collection of recipes from all around India and the world!

#5 A candid photographer who mainly shoots (with the cam, of course) children!! I love the pictures which capture children and their little antics so vividly and perfectly!

#6 This one might be a little off-beat. But a housewife! Who does all of the above for my own family! Design my home, plan holidays, click pictures, cook amazing food, blog a little, laugh a little, invite parents for some rest, backpack with my sister, and live like a Queen! But hey, no money here! And hence, I need to choose from the above!!

Help me folks!


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Any thoughts??

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