Navratri fever!!

It is said that if you haven’t seen Navratri in Gujarat, you haven’t truly lived!

Ok, I am bluffing! No one said that, but well, its true!! I repeat – If you haven’t seen Navratri in Gujarat, you haven’t lived!! πŸ˜€

Well, there are several reasons:

#1 If a non-dancer like me (because of my unavoidable klutziness when people are around) can turn into a strutting peacock in Navratri, well, “anybody can dance” suddenly sounds the most obvious thing!

#2 Music my friends, the irresistible music! Which makes feet go tippity tappity in an instance!

#3 Ambience! Imagine more than 100,000Β of people dancing AND this is no exaggeration! My favorite venue holds this prestigious world record of most number of people dancing at the same time!

#4 The dresses! The decking up! The lights! The screaming crowds! The unnerving high you get on dancing to garba songs! Oooohhh! Needless to say, its my favoritestestest (yes, its a word, starting now!) festival in the world!!

So this post is courtesy garba night at hub’s office on Friday. And yours truly, the lazy bum that she is was not ready till the last moment. Sneaked out of office feigning headache, ninja-drived to the parlor for much needed eyebrow threading which had started to look like Imran Khan, the actor’s eyebrows (check them out, you’ll die laughing), had a quick shower and straightened my hair (not much help since they became wavy the very next minute.. uffff!), put on my clothes, the dupatta took a total of fifteen minutes to stay put the way I wanted it to, applied makeup with the speed of a pro and the outcome like a two-year olds!, concluded that I want to be a guy in the next birth and I was ready!! Oo la la!!


I thought that I’ll put up a pic, I hope nobody who knows me is here on WP, following me!! *teeth chattering* I want to remain anonymous!

So what do you say?? Game to visit Gujarat the next year?? πŸ™‚


19 thoughts on “Navratri fever!!

  1. sb2711 says:

    Been to Vadodara?? Pardon me if you are already a Vadodrian πŸ˜‰ But for me…its the best Navaratri that happens over there. Although any form of this colourful festival is as warm and delightful as any big shot event πŸ˜‰


  2. ANooP says:

    Navratri, oh don’t you remind me. When I was in Mumbai before, I had plenty friends from Gujrat and yes we have all danced. So much fun. You don’t have to be in Gujrat to enjoy the celebrations, but I am sure it will be celebrated way better at your place.

    Happy festive days πŸ™‚ also bad that you blurred your face, so you choose to remain anonymous. Hmm…good luck πŸ˜›



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