A brand new pearl is on its way!!

I’ve decided about a name for my son that I’d be using on this blog! And its Happy! Because the meaning of his name is happy and because thats what he makes us!

So Happy here is going to get a brand new pearl! Nope, not jewelry, but he is beginning to teeth! Today morning, he smiled his gummy smile, only to reveal a teeny-wheeny white pearl about to emerge from those gums!!

Yayyieee!! I had this hunch going on since a week because he’s taken to putting every damn thing in his mouth from my hairpins to TV remote to tiny ants moving around the tulsi plant! Ya his pincer grip gets to everything and then he shuts his mouth tight when we attempt to take it from his mouth!!

So the wonder boy is teething! And I am going to have a new photoshoot of his teeth very soon!!!! Maybe, I’ll post a pic of his first tooth soon enough!! 🙂 ❤


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