Emma you are next!

But Emma, you are WRONG! Not all men need to support (y)our cause! Because not all men are affected by gender stereotypes and the attached stigma on doing outside those stereotypes!

Because, well, some of them enjoy these stereotypes! They thrive on them.. Men are supposed to control what women do and say and think and ask for. And they will do just that..

You encroached on their right to control and hence, they will encroach on your privacy by leaking pictures you don’t want others to see!

Why do we see different variants of the same thing doing rounds again and again? The stupidest response by the so called leading news daily of India because Deepika snapped back at a degrading news headline, hackers threatening Emma to release pictures she doesn’t want seen because  she tried to explain that women are people too!

People, we have a long road ahead and certainly it is a road less traveled, but if this is the kind of response women get for talking about their rights, I am not sure we are going to be able to make any change easily.. Sigh! As much excited I was after listening to her, it washed down several times due to this piece of shitty threat..


7 thoughts on “Emma you are next!

  1. vidushisandhir says:

    Yes, the threats were a downer, but when I watched this 20 something female speak in front of the UN about rights with an unabashed nervousness coupled with confidence and belief in every word – I felt that words, thoughts and ideas of women like you and me are being spoken out aloud. The speech will not touch all men, will enrage many others, but will makea small dent in the ideologies and perceptions of people. We have to keep sending the same message out and teach our kids to live by the principles of equality, no matter how hard the world makes your son cry or my daughter (whenevr I have one) to assume a position of leadership without being called bossy.


  2. weight2lose2013 says:

    I think that there are several issues here. First and foremost, the lack of respect for women. It’s inexcusable in this day and age. With TOI perpetuating stereotypes, then it would indicate that the problem is widespread and systemic. Secondly, the privacy of all of us. It seems that nothing is safe in the digital age. From photos to bank accounts, we seem to be at the mercy of hackers.

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    • A regular Indian girl! says:

      Hey there, thanks for your comment.. What you’re saying is completely true.. Especially about nothing being safe in the digital age.. Its scary sometimes.. One of my friend’s email got hacked and the hacker was forwarding random chats to random people from her account.. It was scary as hell..

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    • A regular Indian girl! says:

      I agree.. And yet I feel, the amount of shit they get for taking up a cause is so unfair.. I am particularly enraged about TOI issue because it comes from an organisation as big as TOI. If such a big group passes on a message like this, it just shows how deep we are in this mess..

      Also these threats to Emma.. I mean how far can people go to suppress the voices asking for nothing more than what they deserve just because it favors them, suits them..


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