More Tabloid Misogyny from TOI

Couldn’t quite put it better.. Seriously.. How much is too much.. You’re calling her a publicity crazy woman because she chooses to call you foul when no one else can?? Utterly rubbish..

Indian Male Feminist

Deepika Padukone, Times of India, Objectification

How low could one of the worst popular tabloid newspapers in India go? Well  apparently a lot more lower than we had imagined. I don’t think I have to mention the whole incident again, you can read a summary of events here (and here’s a good piece on victim blaming and misogyny in light of recent events, viz. Deepika-TOI incident and victim blaming and harassment against Suzette Jordan).

It’s one thing to engage in complete violation of privacy, objectification and dehumanization of women through tabloid journalism, it’s worse when you ask a woman to “take it as a compliment 😉 ” when she explicitly said that it’s dehumanizing and objectifying, but it’s a whole new level of douchebaggery when you follow it up with horrendous trite like this.

It’s basically entirely built on implicit slut shaming, and then rationalizing their shitty story. First they go on to rationalize their headline saying how sensationalized…

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3 thoughts on “More Tabloid Misogyny from TOI

  1. ANooP says:

    TOI is toilet paper of India. I stopped reading that shit a year back. I am glad I did that. The reason was the exact same. Bullshit articles that they post. Their writers actually don’t have a clue what they are doing, neither does their editors.

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