And then we stoop lower!


I don’t know the source of this image, its doing rounds on Reddit. Allegedly, its a advertisement of some jeweler in Mumbai on the buses’.

I did not choose my husband but I can choose my Jewelry!

What is it supposed to be? A gentle reminder of the way we are! Repulsive. Just if there was the name of the jeweler doing rounds along with this ghastly picture, it would have got the right publicity – negative!



19 thoughts on “And then we stoop lower!

  1. says:

    You are right. The ad is taking something bad in our culture (lack of choice in one’s life partner) and portraying it as something to be proud of. AND proposing a demeaning solution (choosing one’s jewelry is somehow placed on par with choosing a life partner?) BTW isn’t this also insulting to the life partner, like he is one of her ‘things’ – jewelry, house, china, silverware, etc.?

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  2. ANooP says:

    Isn’t it true at least for 60% women in India? Why does our blood boil when someone writes the real facts? I would rather correct my mistake before bashing up someone who points out my mistake.


  3. Rajiv says:

    I think Indian girls can and do choose their husbands and lovers. Yet, while I don’t like the advert, in parts of large and small towns, the husband (or wife) is still chosen by the patents


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