Does the world hate women?

I don’t know whether I would use a term and emotion as strong as “hate” here but this certainly does not negate that horrendous incidents like these keep occurring everyday. These are not rape cases where the forced intercourse takes place and it is over with. The extent of humiliation and mutilation that takes place is alone, in itself, a heinous crime in itself, let alone rape.

I still don’t know whether I want to believe that the whole world hates women. Because, by the grace of good God, I know amazing men in my life who detest these crimes and such criminals as much as I do, probably even more.

But this video is certainly shocking. In a way that, where we are screaming about women safety in India, I see that this happens everywhere. Ok, I would have expected countries like Congo where the crime ratio is beyond salvation but US, Italy? And crimes like this?

I was reading an article (I will post the link once I find it again) from Canada. I was shocked to read that the social stigma attached to rape is present in such developed countries also.

Why am I talking about social stigma? Because I believe that we give too much importance to a woman’s body, her virginity, her “purity” so much that her izzat is her virginity. Not only in India, but everywhere. Raping a woman is equal to taking away her self-esteem, her sense of being, everything.

I don’t know whether hounds like this will ever stop existing. But I do think that if we detach the virginity of a woman from all these standards of perfection, raping might not be as much satisfying to that fat ego.

Because, one thing is very clear, these hounds don’t rape for sexual satisfaction or orgasm. They rape to humiliate. To take away izzat. To bring a woman shame. Which would prove that they are more powerful. Which would satisfy that massive ego of theirs.


11 thoughts on “Does the world hate women?

  1. says:

    Yes, rape is not sexual, it’s an exercise in power. It’s done to humiliate the other person, to show them who’s in control. It is meant to make the victim feel insignificant. You are right, the obsession with virginity makes rape a form of revenge. But also note, in many parts of the world, women have very little control over their bodies. They can’t choose to date, who to have a relationship with, whether to have kids or not, when and how many kids to have. All these ‘body decisions’ are made by elders. Rape is another way to take control away from women over their own bodies. Not to mention marital rape which is legal in India.

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  2. anawnimiss says:

    So true! People rape to ‘teach the bitch a lesson’ because rape = soiled virtue. But I think they are successful in doing so because women keep thinking of their ‘izzat’ as being inside their vaginas.
    The only liberation women need is from that sordid myth!


  3. Love, Life and Whatever says:

    The world has good, bad and ugly..and as you sordid lay put the video with apt moves a person to think when will be time when good will outnumber the bad…of course not looking at perfect world but basics human values to outnumber the inhuman ones


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