Madness alert!!

Why am I happy?

Because its the weekend!!

What am I gonna be doing?

Enjoying myself!!!


Going to my hometown – to my mum and dad and crazy sister!!!

With whom?

Hub and kid and me!!!

How will we be going??

A loongg drive!!!

Yay! Yayyiee!!! I could be dancing mad, for all you know! Coz thats what I feel like doing now!! I am going home to mums amazing food, dads gifts (ooooohh!), co-brat’s (my sister) crazy talks and to bring the house down, paint the town red and empty the favorite samosa-wala’s stall first thing in the morning!!!

Nothing can dampen the plan!!

Baggy shorts? check

little brat’s (son) things and toys? check

hub’s clothes and laptop (in case he doesn’t wanna be a part of madness) check

A huge list of to-eats? Already mailed

Mad ideas to scare mom? check

High spirits?? check check check!!!

I’m ready to roll!!! And taking a short break from blogging for a loooonnng weekend!! Will be back with tales and laughter!

Take care you guys! Have fun and an amazing weekend!!



10 thoughts on “Madness alert!!

    • A regular Indian girl! says:

      Lol Thanks!!!! Mom is always scared when she sees her two brats in deep serious conversation and eyeing her from the corner!! She thinks we’re upto something and that does the trick! Lol

      But this time well… Gabbar has a new plan!!! You’ll have to wait for a few days!! Hoohoohaahaa!!!

      And thanks for adding the most important part of this weekend – LAZING!! I just forgot it!! 😀


      • frillthrills says:

        Hahahaha my mom reacts the exact same way when my sister and I talk looking at her. We whisper nonsense while looking and add loud remarks sometimes like “let’s not tell this to amma ok?” Freaks her out even more >:D

        Oh and all the best with this new plan you have up your sleeve. XD

        Yes. Even till today when my mom goes to my grandmom s house she lazes like its nobody’s business..hahaha


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