#ShineStrong: Of labels, being apologetic and strength!

A very confused title, right? 🙂

Let me clear it up. Pantene has been doing this ShineStrong campaign, where they highlight whats wrong with our perceptions and our behaviors. And how women can Shine and be Strong instead.

Disclaimer: This is not an advertising post!

Here is a beautiful advert about gender stereotypes:

And there’s another one about how we should stop being apologetic for being assertive, or for doing what needs to be done. Have a look:

I was very happy seeing these videos, when I come across this:

Ohhhh! How much more stupid can it get? He basically summarizes like this:

1. Woman talking in a group meeting is being interruptive. She should be apologetic.

2. He makes presumptions about a woman approaching a co-worker “she might have disturbed him 20 times already and he is not interested in her perky smile” (He probably missed the gender stereotyping video above!) And “Good morning, you have a minute?” is disrespectful and intruding!

3. A woman should not use two armrests in a public space and let the man use two. She can be content with one. A man using one armrest is inconvenience and a woman using one armrest is manners. Okay!? This man has a sense of humor lol. Wait, can I laugh or would I be interrupting his video? 😉

4. He makes presumptions about a couple starting to talk together and the woman saying “sorry you go first” like this: “He might have told her that she interrupts a lot and remembering that, she is being apologetic.” Again, he doesn’t seem to have gone through the gender stereotyping thing!

5. The best of his arguments come in the scene where a couple is sleeping, and the guy is using the covers clearly meant for two people for his own. The woman pulls half the cover for herself. Here, she is disturbing the sleep of the poor guy and making him cold! She should shudder in the cold all night but not pull the covers for her! Ya, right! Dream on!

6. A woman is in the kitchen, cooking something and holding a kid on one arm. She hands the kid to her partner, who enters the kitchen. Here, this man presumes that may be, he was cooking all evening and she just came home and did some help while he went & freshened up and now, she is handing the kid also to him so that she can go and cheat on him with someone else!!! Really??????? Although, I must give him some credit for accepting that he is stretching it “a bit” to make an argument.! Just a bit!!

Did I cover everything? Well I missed the one where a guy enters a meeting late and asks the ladies “mind if I squeeze in?” and the women say “sorry” and make space for him. I just didn’t get his argument at all, it just doesn’t make sense to me and hence, I let it go.

But, in essence, is this what men expect? For women to be apologetic to speak in a group discussion, to pull half of the covers while sharing a bed, to hand the kid to the husband, to approach a colleague, etc.

I don’t think I am going to be apologetic for all this! Should you be?


8 thoughts on “#ShineStrong: Of labels, being apologetic and strength!

  1. Sapna says:

    This one has got to do with conditioning with women more than men. Men don’t expect an apology in most cases but women are known to apologize to even furniture when they bump into them in the house. We ladies have got to learn to reclaim our space and not be apologetic about it!

    I loved the Pantene campaign for shine and be strong. #Let’sRock


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