Adult visions (Dirty minds tip: Not what you are thinking)

For those whose minds rushed somewhere else, here is what the prompt means:

As a kid, you must have imagined what it was like to be an adult. Now that you’re a grownup (or becoming one), how far off was your idea of adult life?

I am adamant on writing something today to feature on your feeds and I have no idea what to write! So, being the typical attention-seeker that I am, I am going to have my way and respond to this Daily Post prompt by wordpress!

Before I tell you about what I thought it was like to be an adult, let me tell you about my mum:

She was from a different state than my dad’s. Spoke different language. They fell in love and married each other. My grandma never forgave her. (conveniently forgave him). She had a regular woman’s life minus any insight into her parents’ or siblings’ lives. She didn’t communicate with them until 12 years of her marriage. Till then, I had fairly formed my opinion on how a normal adult woman is, because I saw her.

1. That women marry. (It starts from here because well, I know my mom only after she was married :P)

2. They are the first to wake up. They wake the kids after they cook the breakfast, prepare tiffins and fill up water bottles.

3. Gives the kids a bath, readies them for school, (force)feed them milk and some breakfast & drops them off at the gate where the auto-drivers pick up kids. Small-talks with other mummies in their nighties and rush home to make tea breakfast for dada-dadi, clean furniture, wash matka, fill water, run around the house like a mad woman on a mission.

4. Have tea with daddy when he wakes up. Arrange his clothes for the day as he takes a bath. Prepares his milk. Bid him good-bye after he is all done.

5. Cook lunch. Serve lunch to dada-dadi before kids come home.

6. Pick kids from the gate. Freshen them up. Stop them from biting each others head off fighting on some lame school issue.

7. Serve them lunch. Wait for daddy to come home for lunch. Have lunch with him.

8. Clean up the table and give the maid work to do (clothes, vessels, maid’s food, etc.) while daddy plays with kids.

9. Bid daddy good bye and take kids for a nap. Stop them from biting each others head off on the same lame issue. Teach them manners. Put them to sleep. Take a nap.

10. Make evening tea for dada-dadi and herself. Bring dried clothes from the terrace. Fold them. Arrange them in respective cupboards.

11. Water the plants. Wash the verandah. Wake up kids. Help with homework. While feeding them snacks and milk.

12. Cook dinner.

13. Serve dinner to dada-dadi and kids. Wait up for dad.

14. Have dinner with dad. Ready kids uniform. Make them ready their school bags.

15. Put them to sleep.

16. Go to sleep.

And I know, you would not blame me for not wanting to grow up!! I saw her do this. Every single day. Sometimes getting irritated, sometimes laughing at herself, sometimes sad, sometimes cheery. But still going through this heavy drill every single day. Even then, I knew I wouldn’t want to do this.

And so, I chose to study hard. Because thats what she taught me. Study hard, work and earn your own money. Study hard. Harder. Harder.

Yeah, I had fantasies of becoming radha-bai (because she got to go and play with all my friends all day.. pst. she was our maid and she told me everyday I met x, y and z) or of becoming vessel vendor (who got my favorite ragged clothes in exchange for some silly vessels) or of becoming the first female auto driver of my school! Ya, I was a crackpot!

How far was my idea of adult life true?

Well, I do get up before my husband. I do some of the drill that my mom did. He does none. But my mother in law does a lot of work, much more than I do, contradict this with my grandmom who wouldn’t even lift her finger. Except for pointing at things to be done. I studied hard, as my mom taught me. I work. I earn.

I have my own share of troubles that I don’t want my sister to have. But I am certainly very very far ahead in terms of that monotonous drill my mom went through.

Life could have been better, but it could also have been worse. I choose to deal with the cards dealt to me!

Thanks for a read! Have a happy day!


11 thoughts on “Adult visions (Dirty minds tip: Not what you are thinking)

  1. pavanneh says:

    AS always it is a pleasure to read your journey to enlightenment. You tell it like it is and that is important. Especially in finding your path and perhaps helping others to see a way to their own path too.


  2. ANooP says:

    You are a successful person πŸ™‚ I hope you continue your journey with the same vigor.

    It was the same in every house. Women were very much left with no choice then.

    Thanks for sharing. God bless πŸ™‚


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