A small step

Here is a video:

All that is needed is just a small step to ensure that this idiots who leer and fascinate about woman’s body are made to realise, and at the very least, look away.

Doesn’t it just boil your blood? These types of men are everywhere. You see someone in the lift staring at a woman, someone on the traffic signal, in local trains, buses, chaiwala’s stall, bus-stands, everywhere these people leer and you find that unmistakable fascination for women bodies on their faces. I find it so damn irritating.

And this is what I do. Most of the times, if I know someone is staring at me, I stare back. Look straight in his eyes to let him know that I know. And 90% of the times, they turn their faces, hang their heads in their mobiles as if some urgent text has suddenly come.

Here is another advertisement that I hate so much. I don’t know what purpose it serves of the advertiser:

And what the heck do they mean by “men will be men”!


7 thoughts on “A small step

    • A regular Indian girl! says:

      Eglitarianism is equality between humans on social, economic, political and civil issues. Per se, it is about equality between different classes of people.

      Feminism is equality between genders.

      And hence, you and me believe in the same thing, using different words!!

      Feminism is not about supremacy. And the link you gave redirects to an article about western feminism. Since I live in India, I have no idea whar feminism is in the west. I know that in India, it is not about supremacy! It doesn’t need rocket science to say that there is no equality in India with respect to genders.


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