Oh boy! I am so proud of my husband!

So I have mentioned somewhere earlier but for the sake of repetition and adding a few more words to my post, I say this again: Me and my husband are chartered accountants. (The number crunching people with big glasses, fat tummies, almost-sheldonish behavior minus the fun and no life!! Well, thats how people imagine us to be, at least) Rest assured, this post is not doing to drone you with his tax and accounting accomplishments!

So when we complete our studies (which may take anywhere from 3 years to 13 years!), we go through a GMCS course. i.e. General Management and Communication Skills, meant to improve us in the said skills, but most of the times, end up as a realisation that how the generalisation might be true afterall! Accomplished CAs – don’t come to lecture us, since they have better things to do. And non-accomplished, self obsessed and smug people come and bore us with things like reports and professional life and “how you are meant to go out and win” without giving the explanation for so many CAs who have passed out but don’t have a good career or why we lag behind the cool MBAs who have had all the time in the world to enjoy college life while we were burning our fat asses off the bulkier books.

Most of the times, it is taken for granted that CAs who will come will bore the shit out of you and non-CAs who are accomplished will make you have amazing fun and share wonderful stories!

My husband fits in the CA category (without being a bore). And he has always had a passion for teaching, has been guest lecturer in his own university after passing out, has a rept with both the lecturers and students, blah blah, the usual wife-appreciating-husband-more-than-he-deserves-things 🙂 (they are true, though!)

And, he volunteered to take up a session of GMCS for each batch in our city. So he enters, the students know he’s a CA and have already planned to talk about better things on their whatsapp group i.e. which girl / boy is hot and whom to ask out for dinner, etc! Husband has been given a topic about World Trade Organisation – certified boring! I thought he is going to come home grumbling about the topic and the response! But he comes and is amazingly happy, his phone continuously beeping with messages from students asking him to be friends and join their whatsapp group! The biggest compliment being “not even one message on the batch whatsapp group in his whole 3 hr session!!” Whoops! Thats something!

The trick was WTO in brief and life lessons he has learnt in details! And we come to the aim of this post –

My husband used to be a strong supporter of Patriarchy as the way of life and Indian culture bla bla, without knowing how it affected the women. He had seen his mom leave her super awesome medical practice and become a housewife, sacrifice her dreams over her family’s and live her life on the terms of her husband and one that suits her son. Naturally, husband had come to believe that is how a girl’s life should be! But I am a certified big-mouther on equality. I crib and complain about why my life has to change so much after marriage while he is still the same. (Call me a bitch!)

Being married with me has changed his perspective to an extent (oh, I am humble, give no credit!). And he swept me off my feet by telling me that he actually, from his own mouth, told the students, especially the girls, how to assert equality!! How today, there are issues with our society, but how, they can assert their right to work, to rise the corporate ladder. Something touched me:

He told that when CA results are out, the percentage of girls that have outperformed or outshone the boys is very high and intimidating. But somewhere down the years, the girls disappear, no more competitive, no more interested in rising up. And he told the girls that equality is not only when you fight for your right to go out and work, but also when you work like you want to, without letting those fights affect your performance. It is about going out and addressing 1000s of male listeners in WTO and not working for the sake of it. He urged them to have the courage to live their dream.

I think he gave a subtle hint to me also! I got an all india rank in my CA exams. But somewhere down the years, I have become a regular employee, wanting to finish her work, take the regular salary and go home. I work, I take pride in it. But I have lost the zeal with which I used to study. The need to outperform. The wish to excel. All those have gone down the drain.

He made me introspect. And I agree. When we fight for our independence, our rights to work or any rights for that matter, and achieve them, we somehow lose the energy to do anything more. We work, but not with the excitement of student years. We crib and complain and bask in our difficulties. But fail to do what we had dreamt of while completing our studies. And this is a food for thought, for me.

And for him, I am so proud! Him talking about equality is like Lalita Pawar talking about s*x!! But he did it! And I am so happy!!

On that note, here is a video for all of you:

We should be more confident in ourselves and we should really bring back that undying spirit of student years. We should know ourselves better! Ladies, buckle up and rock the world!!! 🙂


21 thoughts on “Oh boy! I am so proud of my husband!

  1. frillthrills says:

    Yikes I realized just now I hadn’t replied to this comment yet.
    All the best to your husband with that new venture. Your comment made me Laugh Out Loud literally. And I’m not kidding when I say this, during Town hall meetings and presentations in my office, (they happen for a maximum of half an hour to forty five minutes mind you 😛 ) I have heard S-N-O-R-I-N-G.!!!!
    Anyway, happy teaching to him. 😀


    • A regular Indian girl! says:

      Hahaha!! Happens!! I had done a certificate course of our Institute after clearing exams.. And I have heard people discussing “what do you think is gonna be the dinner menu?” and S-N-O-R-I-N-G as well!! So yes, I get your point!! Lol 😉


  2. frillthrills says:

    Yayyyyy…at last I’m meeting a fellow chaterterd accountant on WordPress. Elated!!!! 🙂
    I loved this post. I finished CA last year so I attended my GMCS this time last year. Wish your husband was our lecturer too. Though we have some great lecturers too..nothing to be bang on like the topic your husband chose. 🙂


    • A regular Indian girl! says:

      Heyyy!!! Glad to meet you too!!! 😀 The moment I read this, I jumped up high (in my thoughts of course) and went to your blog! Boy, you are pretty and your smile is so infectious!! I love your style!!

      And thanks for the compliment! My husband would be super happy to read your comment!! 🙂

      Glad to meet a CA too!!! Yayyieee!


      • frillthrills says:

        Yayy Yaayyy Yayyy *happy dancing*
        I’m so happy I decided to blog. Meeting CAs in classes and at work aint a big deal because you discuss only accountant-y stuff. LoL. But here we really get to see their lighter (better !?!) side too 🙂
        Thank you for those lovely compliments and I’m glad you enjoyed my blog. Do visit often 🙂 I sure will come back to your blog to stalk it fully every now and then..(I said that in an uncreepy sophisticated way mind you 😛 )!!!
        P.S. Hope your husband saw my comment. Hi to him and a hifi to you 😀 haha


        • A regular Indian girl! says:

          Yup… I did show it to him!! And he’s like “yeahhhh!!!”

          He’s planning to start taking sessions for professionals too! Though the topic would be miles beyond what he did here!

          You might know how our older community is known for sleeping through sessions regardless of how good it is!!! 😛


  3. surbhisarna says:

    Enjoyed your post very much. Patriarchy is practiced brazenly in the rural areas and a little more subtle form in the urban metros..but it has become quite the norm and sadly Indian culture has come to mean only this..Every person needs to live a life of love..but the not the self sacrificing love that women are taught in our country…but rather the highest form of love which is Self Love…


  4. www.wordssetmefreee.wordpress.com says:

    How lovely that your husband has changed his perspective and has come to value women’s equality. You appreciating him also makes a big difference. This is what happens in a great relationship – we don’t have to know everything or be perfect but we can learn from each other.


  5. pavanneh says:

    What a great post!!! So proud of your husband too!! And so glad you have met such a man!! Uplift the spirit and help show those girls they can achieve and live the achievement. 😀


  6. ANooP says:

    Proud of both of you, for you could change him and he could accept the change 🙂

    You should buckle up and rock the world same as your previous excitement.



  7. story teller says:

    I’m so proud! I’m more or less a budding CA, have my final exams this november and I’m tired of the tag that CAs are boring! Your husband’s incident is such a refreshing change! 🙂


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