Educate the young about child sexual abuse in a way that they understand

This video by Childline is made specially for children. It shows how you talk to children or educate them to let you know when someone is touching them inappropriately.

I liked it and I am going to make sure I teach it to my son when he starts school.

Please forward this video or share it to your friends and family who have young children. Also ensure you take your children in confidence about this.

Very important these days when gore incidents happen with children also.

Take care! And have a happy and fun weekend!

13 thoughts on “Educate the young about child sexual abuse in a way that they understand

    • A regular Indian girl! says:

      Thanks! πŸ™‚ This is a topic which needs more people talking about it. I have had some uncomfortable experience with a relative, but I was old enough to understand what was happening. Because my parents were always available for us and never hushed us about these things, I could talk to my mom about it and she understood.

      We couldn’t ask the person in question to back off in so many words because he was a close relative and it would have meant a lot of heartbreak for a lot of people. But he knows that we know and he shies away from us now.


      • Saya says:

        😦 its sad to hear you had to experience it..and really brave of you to talk about it on a public forum. My blood literally boils when I see the closest people doing this. From where has this virus entered our society I don’t know..have you thought about it…tracing it back to its origins. Here I’m mostly talking about pedophiles coz those are the worst according to me..


        • A regular Indian girl! says:

          This virus entered our society because the children especially are not supposed to know things like private body parts. So the chances of them being caught with minor things are less. The children won’t understand whats going on completely. This is what I think.

          Sometimes though, children do understand what is going on. But since they are so ashamed that it is happening with them, that out of fear of being ridiculed, they don’t speak.

          Its comparable to the school bully analogy. A child will not want others to know that he gets bullied in school by some big kid. So he will shut up and suck it in.

          This is what I think.

          But if we educate our kids to speak to us in case anyone touches them inappropriately, I think we can nip it in the bud.


  1. Lifeinwrittenwords says:

    wow, so nice!
    Talking about sex especially with kids can have the funny end you’d never expect! Thanks for sharing that and hey! Nice to meet you!


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