Should women stop working because of eve teasing?

Here I am again with a short movie by Anurag Kashyap on eve-teasing, molestation, rape cases and their effect on women and their families.

The film opens with a woman working in the kitchen, making tea & breakfast for her husband, who is reading out excerpts of incidents of molestation and eve-teasing and rapes from the newspaper to persuade her to stop working. Her neighbour friend is also going through the same persuasion by her mom. Both of them leave for work with a third friend. It is shown that on the way, two boys are recording their video as they walk to tease them and some guys outside their colony try to round up one of them and molest her, but somehow she gets away. The other two are harassed by a man in the bus and one of the lady hits him hard. The first lady works in a office where some guy is recording her video and passing lewd comments on her smile, etc. Basically the movie starts with how women regularly face such lewd comments, stares, whistles, etc. and thats only if you are lucky. Some face regular harassment by rowdy guys lurking around the workplaces or homes.

The movie takes a turn with the entry of Sandhya Mridul who is their self defense coach and tells them that they will be ready to counter only when they have made up their minds and that the real strength lies in the mind. Such rowdies generally go and victimise the women who are fearful and will not retaliate.

On their way back home, the rowdies are waiting for them. They circle them and while they are trying to harass them, these 3 women use all the tricks their coach has taught to defend their bodies and teach the rowdies a lesson.

The last scene of the movie “That day after everyday” shows the first lady’s husband making tea for her and telling her how brave she was and how he thought that the men needed to be taught a lesson anyways.

A short disclaimer: By sharing this video, I am not for confronting the rowdies. I don’t know what I would do, or whether I would confront them or not. May be I’d chicken out, take another route, run away, call husband, threaten to complain to police, I dunno. But may be thats because I have a supportive family who would make sure nothing stands in between me and my desire to work. The women here know they have no other help but only themselves if they want to go out and work. Does this make them brave as shown in the movie??

I liked the way the husband becomes supportive in the end, after all. And he also understands that the rowdies need to be taught a lesson. I liked how he said he stands by her. A good ending.


4 thoughts on “Should women stop working because of eve teasing?

  1. doriandean says:

    This is a beautiful post… Great thoughts here. One of my good friends from India stated that she never wanted to go back because she is not married and she was harassed too often. She stated that India is a beautiful place full of beautiful people, but she told me that her mentality in being happy to be single made it difficult for her and her family as well. I have never been and only understand through her and through what I have read and seen from a distance, but it seems that women are treated quite differently in some senses than they are in the United States.


    • A regular Indian girl! says:

      Yes, they are treated differently, in a biased manner.

      I hate to say it but yes, most Indian people have no tolerance for concepts like “freedom of choice” though our constitution allows it. A very oppressive concept is that “a woman must have a man to make her complete, she is incomplete without a husband”. Nobody wants women to have a choice to stay unmarried and be happy, or for that matter, men too.

      “You are born to have children and to have children, you have to marry. So marriage is a must!” *sarcasm*

      It was not always like this. The practices were there for a reason. And today, though the reason is no more, practices are followed to the letter, no matter how much you have to oppress or hurt others in the process.

      India is a beautiful place, with its own set of troubles, like all countries do. Personal freedom or personal space is still not acceptable! Sad. But times are changing, people are changing and hopefully we have better days ahead for our children.

      Thanks for the read. 🙂


    • A regular Indian girl! says:

      True, its sad, but it does happen. And in broad daylight too. Once, me and my cousin (girl) were going out for dinner at 7 in the evening. Passing through a very busy road. Two guys on a bike crossed us, then stopped and started matching our vehicle’s speed. Constantly the pillion rider was making very vulgar comments and signs. We tried losing that bike for around 15 minutes. No avail. Only left after we reached the restaurant and other cousins were waiting for us there, one of them guy who immediately saw what they were upto and retaliated in the same language. The idiots cursed, laughed and drove away.

      This is very normal for them. I think it just doesn’t penetrate their thick brains that this sick idea of having fun is so disgustingly evil. How do they manage to look in the eyes of the women in their lives? Or pray? Or live with the thought that they made someone’s evening a nightmare. Yuck!


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