Why I adore Kalki Koechlin!

Ok before I write about the above, I’d want to spell out why I write under the tag of feminism: That is to find people like me and help others find me because “humanism” is not something people would look for. But to me, feminism is humanism, just a concept that women are people. And people have hearts and dreams and hopes and aspirations and choices.

Now, Kalki. Why I love her? Because she is everything that I can relate to. Because mostly, I have seen her dressed up casually, like normal women do. And because she carries herself like normal people and not like a perfect flawless celebrity. And because sometimes she stutters while answering an interviewers questions. And because she sits cross-legged. And because she is frank is accepting her shortcomings. And because she herself relates to women in general. And oh boy, she writes so fluently and so lucidly and so …. aptly. Is that a good word?

In short, she doesn’t portray herself in a way that would look fake. She is real. And she speaks what she means. And also she’s kind of cute girlfriend you’d always love to have because inspite of being so damn pretty, she wouldn’t make you feel any less!

Ok, enough about what she makes me think about her. Everyone has a perspective and this was mine!

Here are two videos I love. And would like you all to go through and love as well 🙂


13 thoughts on “Why I adore Kalki Koechlin!

  1. story teller says:

    So many friends of mine comment that she looks bad (in comparison to the other actresses) and I’m like yeah! she looks normal! That is why maybe! normal like me, you and everybody else who isn’t a walking make up shop/glam doll! 🙂


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