Public experiment on women abuse in India

Today, I was looking for some social awareness videos on youtube for violence against women and here is a footage of a public experiment that I found:

I know the people who oppose social experiments or statistical nerds will tell me that this is a sample and does not truly represent the population blah blah yada yada.

But what is true is that these things do happen. And people do ignore it. It is just like that advert condemning domestic violence. I tried looking for that video but couldn’t find it. There was an advert before a few years where neighbours here sound of a husband cursing his wife and sounds of vessels coming from a house. The neighbourhood is silently ignoring the voices but a young man goes ahead and knocks the door. The voices stop. The message was “help stopping domestic violence” I think.

So this social experiment is also the same kind of thing. But relates to rapes and violence against women in general.

Though my blood boils at the young people who just walked away or those two jerks who probably even joked about it, I was so touched because that old watchman had the guts to stand up.

Salute to the people who help and those of us who cannot find strength to raise our voices, let us remember that we or our friends could be in the place of the woman being molested or trampled upon. The least we can do is raise a ruckus, call the police helpline and gather people. I am sure we, as a society, has not become so blind that we cannot raise our voices in such situations.

Note: It stands for all violence. Whether against women, senior citizens, animals, children, anyone.


8 thoughts on “Public experiment on women abuse in India

  1. pavanneh says:

    Frankly I think the people that are against social experiments like this just don’t like the results that it shows. They would rather we all believe that no one would walk away or at worst would want to help the attacker. That was one video I saw. It is a terrifying part of human nature that people don’t want to admit to.


  2. story teller says:

    The “ghanti bajao” initiative against domestic violence which was publicized a few years ago because primarily people never took it up!
    There is a saying that god too can’t help you if you don’t help yourself.
    There are so many issues that we do crib about, the surprising part here is that we ourselves have never done anything about it..


  3. Sapna says:

    The video part is blocked here(am in office). I guess it is the video where the 78-yr old watchman knocks while a lot of other youngsters walk away. Kudos to that guard. There still is hope!

    Although I must say all those walked away made me lose my faith in humanity and folks of our country. Mera Bharat is not mahan!!


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