Past the three year itch!

So, I lazily snooze my alarm 3 times and on the third time, pull myself against the doubled-gravity that my bed works on, put on my slippers and look at the date!!

Hey! Its 8th July and we are officially past the 3 years itch today!

You must be wondering when did the 7 year itch rename itself!! Yes, its due to our fast pacedness that the itchiness in relationships can be determined earlier. In 3 years time, you know exactly whether you want to spend the rest of the time with your spouse or hit the road!

So, let me analyse ~

Hmm.. Here I am awake at 6 o’ clock in the morning, planning to get in the kitchen and get something cooked, and the mister is oblivious of my predicament, sleeping. Even dares to call out “please switch off the a/c while going out, will you?”


How can he! Just yesterday, he let me know that we are not having the anniversary dinner together because he needs to go and address a group of students on how to conduct yourself in corporate environment! Hmfff. I let that go.


Few days before that, when I asked him what was his plan on coming tuesday (that is today, our anniversary), he tells me “baby! I work all week! I don’t have time to plan my Sundays and you’re asking me about Tuesday!” *silly-smile* *walks-away* Calls me from office and says “Oh! I know why you were asking! I have to address the students right?” Hmfff. I even let that go.


I cut the veggies with extra vigour, imagining a war of words with him! Obviously, I have to win! I prepare for idli-poha breakfast(a leftover idli recipe he likes) and talk to the other mother (MIL) while she gives the tadka! We remember the day before my son was born!

The doctor had told the placenta was low and we need to operate. Mister had cancelled the meeting in another city abruptly and taken the first train back, and he traveled general class (ignoring the AC class ticket at night that he already had) to be with hisΒ fattu wife, who always dreaded all the doctor visits! Aww!

No itch! He’s not that bad, you know!

He put me to sleep that afternoon, patting my head and asking me to ignore the heart thumping so loud, it could burst out of my body anytime! Held my hand and watch me grumble about some article I had read online where the doctors forgot medical equipments inside the body! He assured me that was a one-off case and he will ask the doctor to take inventory before sewing me up! (Yup. CAs talk inventory and finances and things like that even in these situations!) He even joked about the tax deduction that we’ll get because we invest in child’s name! (See he’s the better CA!)

No itch! He’s infact a good guy!

Laughed with me after the surgery! Took care of letting me sleep while he made sure the baby also sleeps! He walked the corridor of the hospital cradling our bundle of joy while I took a nap! Even took a 15 day paternity leave!!

No itch! That was cute!

He wakes up to check on me when I am sick, calls me up everytime after we fight, he’s the first one to kiss-and-make-up, stands up for me everytime I need him, lets bygones be bygones, accepts me with all my eccentricities, makes up for the lost time by planning getaways I crave for, lets me have the last piece of cake and the most important of all – never tells me I talk too much!! (Comeon, what more can I ask for!)

Definitely not an itch! I love him!

In this fast paced world, I have a friend in him. And that is what makes my marriage beautiful!

Past the 3 year itch! And now, I get to harass him for the rest of his life!! Yay!!!


16 thoughts on “Past the three year itch!

  1. pavanneh says:

    Congratulations on Curing the 3 year itch! What a wonderful way to go back through and look at your relationship in a clear way. So happy you are happy and congratulations also on your 3 year anniversary!


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