First lessons of mommyhood

byaabaabaabeeeyaaaaaaaa *shrill scream* byaabaabaabeeeyaaaaa *another shrill scream*

Nope! I didn’t watch any horror movie yesterday!

This is the normal “talking” that my son does with his monkey, while chewing vigorously on the monkey’s tail, that now resembles a 16th Century rag!

These are the things I would usually find so boring, or may be irritating! Before him, I loved kids, but in pictures, where they would be quiet. Not screaming like the world was going to end in minutes. I had no tolerance for their make-believe world and would just tell them there’s no tea in the cup they’re passing to everyone! Before you judge me, I tried being nice once and asked for a recipe to a little girl serving cups and cups of tea from the tiniest kettle you’d ever see. And she replied “you’re big now. You don’t know how to make tea?” See! I can explain my irritation!

But, getting back to the point, I love the music that his voice makes! Even if the shrill screams threaten to tear apart my ear-drums, they make me giggle and laugh! And he looks at me with his big eyes asking to be held! Continuously stares at my beautiful elephant & pompoms beaded curtain longing to pull the little wooden elephants out!

It is so strange that we never find the antics of our own children irritating! We always manage to laugh away! “That was smart, he can’t be duped into something else if he has his eyes on the phone” “That was so cute, he just shouted for his milk bottle” “Oh look! He is so inquisitive! Stopped playing the moment I started talking on phone”

Little do we realise that these are the very things, we need to watch out for! To nip the bad habits right away! That phone should not turn into a prop to get things done! He can’t shout at people! And he certainly shouldn’t be so inquisitive about other people’s phone calls!

He is just 7 months old now, but soon he’ll start making a pattern of his own. His actions and our reactions. His understanding of what gets applaud and what gets laughed at. It is important we don’t applaud or laugh at the wrong things and encourage him!

Just want to make sure he turns out to be a good person. Better than me or his dad are. Just a little realisation and self-note to not laugh when he shouts for a toy!


4 thoughts on “First lessons of mommyhood

  1. pavanneh says:

    I remember those times. I never thought I would be a parent and when I became one I fell in love with my children. Just the fact that you are conscious of what you would like to do for your son and how you would like to help him become even better than you is a great sign you are a good Mom.


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