Should one laugh at the news or at the public’s reaction?

A news in Dainik Bhaskar reads: PM Narendra Modi’s wife offers prayers at Ambaji Shrine in North Gujarat.

Now, I swear this post is not about hating him or loving him, but for God’s sake, leave the woman out of it! I mean, is this even news???? And that too breaking news?? #Shocked

Now, this doesn’t end here. This news was posted on the facebook page of Daily Bhaskar and some of the comments are downright irritating. Yes, irritating.

1 Ye aaj ki Sati Ansuya hai

2 This is Bhartiya Nari, she understands her husband better than anyone

3 Aap ke tyaag ko Hindustan naman karta hai

4 Still, she is the wife who enjoys the profile of her husband from a distance.

5 She is like Sita Maiya

6 She should be given status of wife. Listen Narendra Modi

7 Hindu nari means sacrifice. All women must learn from her.

8 Modiji, please accept her

9 Jasoda aunty is so sweet …..I just love her……great sacrifice without any complaints….

10 The patience of this great lady deserves to be emulated by all Indian ladies

Okay, first, this is their private matter. But this post is not about it. Though it is wrong to intrude someone’s personal space on a regular basis, this post is about something else.

Tell me why Hindu nari is sacrifice and all women must learn from her?? And what on earth makes Jashoda “Aunty” so sweet? I am cracking my brains but can’t find one logic behind this presumptuous replies given by both men and women who think Modiji should take her back and that women of India must learn sacrifice at the feet of new-age Seeta Maiya and Sati Ansuya!

Why, oh why! Last time I checked, I am an Indian and a woman and I have no desire whatsoever to be the epitome of sacrifice or to become Sita Maiya! I only want to live my life in peace and so do millions of fellow Indian women!

Please stop putting someone on pedestal and thrusting your derived-greatness from their personalities on us in the name of Hindustani dharma, karma or whatever!



14 thoughts on “Should one laugh at the news or at the public’s reaction?

  1. Mamta Dagar says:

    This is where Indian mentality booms. Why on earth was she never addressed when Mr. Modi was the CM. But as soon as the C changes to P, she is in limelight. Why? Because her husband is one of the powerful politicians of India? And she like a ‘cow’ never demanded anything despite his stature, so she becomes an epitome of sacrifice? Sad, isn’t it?


    • A regular Indian girl! says:

      I think whats sad is that no one even wants to know whether she wants to be a part of his limelight-prone life. She might as well be very comfortable with her own self, doing things she does everyday.

      And they were separated ages before he arrived at the status he is at today. So there was no question of her demanding anything.

      Its just that people want to put other women on the backfoot trying to say that look here is a woman who stayed away from her husband so that he could achieve what he did achieve. Whereas, that might not be the case at all.

      And hey, thanks for the comment 🙂

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    • A regular Indian girl! says:

      Exactly!! She goes to pray, the media follows, she goes to vote, the media follows and then, after successfully deterring the concept that “woman needs a man to live”, she is now put on a pedestal as sacrifice and bhartiya sanskaar and crap like that.

      This or tons of other articles on her could have been so much more meaningful had they conveyed that separation / divorce is not the end of life. Both men and women can go on and lead the life they want to. In this case, the man went ahead with his social reforms / political dreams and the lady studied further and became a teacher. Could have been an entirely different perspective. Because no one, but them, knows the truth.

      But our society is so cracked up, we want to somehow or the other, put the burden of “sanskaar” on women and make them do these so called sacrifices!

      Sorry for the rant! And thanks for the visit! I loved your mother in laws pakoras 😉

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