Dekh le!!

Another video for you guys! This one is an amazing step towards getting the men to reflect on how they look when they look, or rather ogle at women in public!

I recollect one incident. When I was about 12 years, me and my friend were walking home after a bharatnatyam class. There was a dog on our usual way back home and was barking mad at some passersby. So we thought, we’ll take the warned-not-to-go-that-way road. After all, at some point of time, especially in the teen years, we all are prone to that “parents are uff so annoying” phase. So, we decided to walk the other way.

Just one lane on that way was the lonely one. An open ground on one side and abandoned building on another. A man walked towards us and asked for an address. Helping and trusting as we were, we directed him. He told me that he knew me and my dad, etc. And tried to grope us inappropriately saying that you shouldn’t allow anyone to do that, see I am just telling you how they do it, dont feel bad or complain, etc. I will teach you how men treat young girls which shouldn’t be done. We both realised that he was not warning us, we were so scared to death because of that awkwardness and we ran home. And told mum what had happened. It was my first experience with inappropriate, utterly vulgar and disgusting male behavior.

I thank my stars that we were saved because we were nearing the end of that lane. Or else, who knows. All women have gone through this at some point in their lives. It is not unheard of that groping that happens in public places where there is a mad rush, or ogling like their eyes will fall of any moment and their salivatory glands will blast apart due to the pressure, its just so sickening! And it makes us feel unsafe, awkward, vulnerable, weak, targeted, helpless, marked, and what not.

Men who ogle probably defend themselves by saying “we only looked! Whats wrong?” Or those groping at women justify to themselves saying “it will pass along as a touch because of that rush in the train”. But we know. And we’re disgusted. And we’re angry.

I liked this video for its simple way of telling men that they need to reflect on their actions. Women are not public property. You should keep your eyes and hands off us. They look disgusting and ugly, and needless to mention if you get a chance to see how you look, you’ll probably never forget that demon that passes across your face when you do that.

And women, we need to speak up or at least let them know that we know what they’re doing at at least 80% of them will back off. I don’t know what to do of the remaining.


8 thoughts on “Dekh le!!

  1. pavanneh says:

    Great video. Perhaps we need to do more of that kind of thing in the U.S. too. For both men and women. I have noticed women objectifying men as if it is okay because men do it to women. It needs to stop on both sides. Respect!


    • A regular Indian girl! says:

      I’ve read articles by US men who say they’ve had enough of feminism! They say feminism is no more about equality now, its about all things to be biased towards women. I think its about time to change those things too!

      I totally agree it needs to stop on both sides. Respect!


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