There is no ‘Honour’ in an Honour Killing

What a poem.. We read the news of honor killing.. “Unveiling the veil” tells what might happen before that.. Heartbreaking..

Unveiling the Veil

What Happened – Poem

I’m sitting here tryin to figure how it all started

One moment were family, the next we’ve parted

You were the one, in my heart, I cherished

And it was your decree, the reason I perished.

What happened to your heart, what happened to your soul

Tell me how I became the ultimate goal

A liar, a liar, came knocking on your door

Telling you, your daughter was a whore

We’ve been drenched in shame the men all cried

When I thought you would be the one to scream, no he lied

Instead, I stood still, and watched you declare

That you will not be a man until you rid yourself bare

Of the filth you once called your daughter

But no, my heart whispered; he would never hurt ‘er

But no, my heart lied, so truth be told

My mind knew your heart had turned…

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