Women are not kitchen appliances

Well, I saw an advertisement today and was simply impressed! Havells is reminding the men of this country that women are not kitchen appliances. The best of the lot was this:

For the non-Indian readers, here’s the transcript:

Setup: Bride-seeing. The could-be groom (one silently sipping coffee while his mum does the talking for him) and his mom (one in orange saree).

Mum: I am telling him since long to get settled. For how long will he stay alone in USA? You know, even for a cup of coffee, he has to go out.

The could-be bride excuses herself and goes in the kitchen. Her mom asks the guests to have some snacks!

Brings havells coffee maker and puts in front of the could-be groom’s mum.

Says “24X7 coffee. Settle with the appliance. No visa problems. The thing is auntyji I am not a kitchen appliance”

Isn’t is quite refreshing to the eye as compared to this ad:

The woman cooks 5 different kinds of breakfast, at special demand of each family member!!

I mean why! Why show such a thing to our already overly self-entitlement-conscious society where the woman is supposed to be the superwoman to handle the home front and sometimes, even earn? The ad could have been so much more appealing if the husband cooks breakfast while the wife does some other chores. Why not pass a message that even men can work at home, lend a helping hand??!!

I love the initiative of havells!

Disclaimer: I am not advertising havells here! I just loved the ad. 🙂


13 thoughts on “Women are not kitchen appliances

  1. pavanneh says:

    Great Ad. I love the “I am not a kitchen appliance.” 😀 The second one reminded me of an Ad I found on the back of a very old newspaper article my grandmother had kept. A lady in a dress, high heels, pearls and makeup vacuming with a brand new Hoover vacume cleaner. I am so glad those days and expectations are over.


      • pavanneh says:

        I thought about that as I posted it. Reading about what it is like in other cultures around the world helps me to be very thankful that I live in the United States. It is not all rosy however, there are constantly new laws that are attempted to be passed that would make it harder on women, especially in the “bible belt”. Luckily they get voted down the majority of the time, but it is still scary that in the 21st century women could lose rights again instead of gaining more.


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