Remembering my best man!

A man with silver in his hair and gold in his heart! My best man!

“Dont go to school today. Its raining”

“No classes today. Too much heat, you’ll be sick”

“I’ll call your boss and tell her not to send you for assignments requiring traveling. You’ll be tired”

Sigh, grandpa! I miss you and your pamperings! No one to stop me from going out in rain, heat or alien showers!

I think everyone should have one such person in their lives who make you feel like you are the king / queen of the world! I had one, I lost him 5 years ago. And I still miss him like crazy. He was my friend and my best man.

He loved talking to me. Even in his last days in the hospital, he was talking to the person next to him about his smart grand-daughter who was going to be Chartered Accountant!! And the last person he talked about before breathing his last was me. And the first person he would have pestered God for, would be me 😀 I am so damn sure about it! “Make the rain stop. She’ll leave for office in ten minutes!” Lol..

Grandparents are a treasure! And I adore mine! How I miss those talks, cricket matches we saw and the rides to temple. The candy treats, extra pocket money – first lesson in black money 😉 and just random laughs!

Just missing him on a day I feel like I could do with someone telling “she needs a vacation. Book one today.” But I am no more a princess and vacation needs to wait! Where’s the damn coffee???


6 thoughts on “Remembering my best man!

  1. cocoblaq says:

    I love your grandfather already just from your post. I was never close to either of my grandfathers but I loved my grandmother a lil like you do your grandfather. I hope I can capture her as well as you did your grandfather.


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