“Honour” killings?

A term defined in Wikipedia as homicide of a member of family or community or social group due to the belief that the victim has brought dishonour to the family!!

Was going through a news article today which report a Pakistani family stoning their daughter to death, in front of the high court, in midst of a huge crowd which undoubtedly would have policemen too, for marrying her lover and bearing their child! She was pregnant! And was fighting a case slapped on her husband by her parents that she was abducted by her husband!!

This is not common to one country. But this particular heinous crime is meted out to thousands of women and homosexuals in a year. Northern states of India, the Middle East, other Asian countries, all are witnesses to this crime. Even the first world countries are facing issues of containing these crimes which are brought to their countries by people migrated from certain Asian countries and Middle East.

In most cases, the belief of righteously killing is so imbibed that the case is not reported, or if it is reported, it is conveniently ignored by the protectors of law!

I am sure that the news article I read today is not going to be last of its kind. And hence, what gets me thinking is the mental set up of the perpetrators who think that killing their own kith and kin is more palatable than suffering the “dishonour” brought to them! Let us look at the bigger picture. What is being done about it by the Government?

Back home in India, I read about the Northern States of Punjab, Haryana and Bihar, where such crimes are “ordered” by Khap Panchayats, a social administration unit of 5 people, who are supposed to be protectors of law and solvers of internal feuds. Though these units, passing illegal orders, have been declared illegal by the Supreme Court of India, power has been given to them by the people who look up to these Panchayats as the rule-makers.

There are a few NGOs like Shakti VahiniΒ and Love Commandos who specifically include this cause in their mission. But looking at the larger picture, very less motives of the Government are taking shape as law. And even if it does, so far as the people protect the perpetrators, who are the actual victims in their eyes, not much is going to change.

What we need is to talk about it, against it, to spread the message so loudly, crisply and clearly that with time and tide, it dawns on the people believing in merit of such honour killings! We need to educate the people. The system needs to change. No person can have so much control over the life of other person. NGOs need to be funded to make a necessary impact. Writers need to write about it, entertainment industry need to work on it, the message needs to be passed across as widely as possible.



25 thoughts on ““Honour” killings?

  1. cocoblaq says:

    I have read of honour killing only in a work of fiction. Never like this. Such things do not happen here. You’ll just be disowned if you dishonour your family. I’m sorry about that. You could try in your little capacity to do what you can.


  2. amira says:

    Reblogged this on Amira and commented:
    I am a Muslim, from a country where the only organised religion that can exist is Islam. Suprisingly I did not hear this concept of β€œhonor” killing until my mid thirties. In my lifetime I have never heard of a such killing my country. Neither did I hear about it happening elsewhere. But then again, until few years back our media was so controlled that we would not hear or see anything that was not approved by the govenment. Things are totally different in this social media environment and we keep hearing about these so often, and it makes my heard swirl to know that people take pride in killing their own kin for their own belief system. I really cannot understand how one can stand and look at another die, let alone kill – for whatever reason.

    I am reblogging this post below from Regular Indian Girl.


    • A regular Indian girl! says:

      Thanks Amira.. I am sorry, I saw your reblog and comment today.

      You are absolutely right in saying that our media was very closed and controlled. Social media has changed it, or rather force-changed it.

      Only a week ago, there was a news about 2 girls in Uttar Pradesh (India) being raped and hanged on a tree near the village well. Only 2 days later, another rape victim was killed because she wanted to raise her voice to complain. These things are reported and highlighted now. Earlier, they were only wrapped up by the family / the goons who commit such crimes.


  3. ANooP says:

    Great post. Thank you for sharing.

    Khaps are parallel govt run by the elders of village and ITS ILLEGAL. Those Khaps banned mobile phones because there were more number of girls eloping with their lovers. I couldn’t laugh more when I read this.

    In case of honor killings, it’s truly against individual freedom and humanity. They should be dealt severely at least by Indian government which boasts to have the largest democracy in the world.



  4. nakularora says:

    I feel really saddened by the presence of not only this in our society but also, the deep rooted patriarchal mindset… It will take years for us to be able to turn this over but try we must… Well written article…


  5. irenedesign2011 says:

    You are so much right. This case is very important to talk and write about. Education is the only way and even that might take many years, because the parents don’t listen to the young people, unfortunately πŸ˜‰


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