Terribly tiny tales? Think not.

There is a page on facebook called “terribly tiny tales”. Was going through some of the “tiny” tales when came across a few like:

1. “66 years of freedom and see how far we have come” she read out with a smile in the assembly. The bruises under her saree, told other tales”

2. “The child sat engrossed, elbows firmly on her book. Her mind, leaping with freedom. “Polish my shoes” said a voice. The book lay open, aside on the curb”

3. “The TV channel named her ‘Hope’. Her parents watched her take her last breath that day. The headlines read “Hope succumbs to injuries”.

Today, the day when the most speculated and followed elections of Indian Freedom, officially end with Narendra Modi becoming the Prime Minister in the evening, these “tiny” tales tell us the long road that lies ahead. One story is about domestic violence, one about child labor, one about rapes. Said within 140 words, they are not that tiny. Each sentence tells a tale that strikes a chord somewhere. We recollect that teacher whose husband was a drunk and stories told that she was beaten everyday. We recollect a small boy or girl polishing shoes on the pavement, selling balloons on the traffic signal, counting coins thrice to know that it is correct. We recollect Nirbhaya, the girl who brought crimes against women to a forefront, albeit not in a way she would have wanted to.

Gloom lurks behind each sentence.

And so does hope.

Finally, the teacher tells a different tale to her students, in hope, that they will not face it. She makes her girls strong in young ages. They will grow up to fight domestic violence.

Finally, the curb on the pavement has enough space that a child can read simultaneously. Finally, they are starting to read. Education is starting to gain importance.

Finally, the media is projecting the crimes, that were once brushed aside to a two line news item beside the huge advertisement, almost invisible.

We have started realizing where we lack. Where our society is still behind. Where we need progress. Not just economy, but society and its thinking, too. We have hope. Let us take an oath today, as the Prime Minister does so, that supporter of his or not, we shall strive to achieve what he has promised, in our own small ways.

We will learn to stand up for ourselves, to say no where we mean no, to not succumb to pressure where we know we are right. We will learn to protect ourselves, a pepper-spray handy, retort “she deserved it, she was out late” with “she has every right to” and teach our sons to respect women rather than teach our daughters to stay home after dark. We will spread the message that education is important, give that necessary push to those around us to teach their sons, daughters, give them education, give them the right to dream. Let us inspire our maids, our drivers, our cleaners, people around us. Let us work towards a better India. A better future.

Inspired from terribly tiny tales at https://www.facebook.com/terriblytinytales?fref=ts

Thanks for the collection. Some are funny too. These three just got me thinking!


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